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Grief companion consulting firm, Beyond Your Loss, highlights its framework for processing and accepting grief

Last updated Wednesday, December 6, 2023 09:58 ET

Beyond Your Loss is an Oregon-based consulting firm that specializes in providing grief companionship that allows individuals to process and navigate all that comes with a loss.

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Beyond Your Loss, is a consulting firm offering personalized, intimate grief companionship services. The company’s founder, Annie Adams is an experienced individual who has faced grief on her own and helps others do the same. Throughout her certification course and in hands-on meetings with clients, Annie often sees three distinct facets of grief. Her mentor and teacher, Georgena Eggleston Grace, developed a framework that addresses each facet and the struggles that come with it.

Beyond Your Loss clients can benefit from one-on-one meetings with Annie Adams, licensed teacher and nutritional therapist who is a certified grief counselor. Clients can choose to have individual meetings with Annie throughout their grief process, or they can enroll in a 12-week process for unpacking grief at its core. This program involves a weekly meeting with Annie and virtual tools for managing all that grief encompasses.

Millions of people in the United States experience grief annually. However, many of them lack the correct guidance and resources for processing their grief. Without a strong support system, people who are grieving may engage in harmful coping mechanisms, or fall into a deep depression that may come with other associated mental health issues. Additionally, 58% of survey participants reported that they felt pressured to move on from their grief within the first three months. This indicates that a specialist is needed when someone is looking for reliable, understanding support throughout their entire healing journey.

The most common characteristics of grief Annie sees in her clients are disbelief, deep sadness, guilt and identity issues. As shown in research, grief can commonly come in five stages. The process that these stages come in is purely subjective, meaning that each person may have a different experience of grief.

From Annie’s perspective, the disbelief or navigating the ocean of emotions, is generally an ongoing reality that can occur throughout one's grief journey. The deep sadness of grief is generally one of the most painful because of how dark and complicated a person’s feelings can become. Oftentimes, the griever will shut out others, lose interest in things they once enjoyed, and have several other symptoms that resemble depressive disorders. Annie notes that the most important thing for supporting someone through this stage is providing loving support, consistent outreach and empathy.

Lastly, Annie sees her clients frequently struggle with the question "Who am I now?” after a loss. Although this isn’t part of the traditional grieving process, most people face many thoughts about what their life can be without the person, relationship, or pet that they once had.

Annie was called to open Beyond Your Loss after she experienced the unexpected death of her teen child. The grief that followed was unlike any other pain Annie had felt, which made her passionate about giving people the support they needed.

Beyond Your Loss was created to help people live meaningful lives despite what they may have experienced. Annie hopes to help even more people in the coming years with a variety of losses and lower the stigma around grief in society.

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