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Multi-Purpose PhoneSpuds Keep Users’ Phones Handy and Charged, Wherever They Are

Last updated Thursday, December 7, 2023 08:29 ET

The PhoneSpud, which combines the characteristics of a decorative pillow, a phone case/holder, and a power bank, was invented by Kim Diamond when she was recovering from COVID-19 in 2020.

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Smartphones are an integral part of people’s lives today, with many people spending a significant part of their day on their device, whether for work, leisure, or communication. One of the main concerns of smartphone users is having enough battery charge for uninterrupted use of their device.

To help address this concern, inventor Kim Diamond has created the PhoneSpud, a unique item that combines the characteristics of a decorative pillow, a phone case/holder, and a power bank. Named for its potato-like shape, the PhoneSpud holds the smartphone behind a removable and replaceable transparent vinyl screen which still allows the user to operate their phone. It also has a zippered compartment that stores a power bank, with a “belly button”, or a hole where the charging cable goes through. This allows people to simultaneously use and charge their phones anytime, whether they’re traveling, resting, camping, or any other activity they can think of.

The PhoneSpud has a weighted base, allowing it to function as a phone stand for both vertical and horizontal orientations. This allows the user to operate their phone even when lying down on their bed.


Currently available in three colors and designs – brown, gray, and leopard print – more unique and entertaining patterns are in the pipeline for the PhoneSpud. It can also be purchased with or without a power bank bundled.

According to Diamond, she came up with the idea for the PhoneSpud while she was sick with COVID in 2020. She contracted what was known as long COVID, with symptoms such as muscular weakness and difficulty of movement. She had to remain in bed for long periods of time, forcing her to quit her job as a sales and business development executive. Diamond also suffered a head injury in a fall, prolonging her recovery.

Due to being mostly immobile, Diamond was using her smartphone in bed a lot to pass the time. She was looking for a pillow to support her phone while she used it, as well as a way to keep it charged even without a power outlet nearby. The tripod she had at the time wasn’t able to provide the support she needed. An inventor at heart, Diamond started designing a solution, which eventually became the PhoneSpud.

During development, Diamond was targeting the PhoneSpud to buyers who have been using smartphones for most of their lives, such as those in their teens and 20s. However, she found out that the PhoneSpud also appealed to middle-aged and elderly users due to the comfort and ease of use it provides.

“Using a smartphone is one of the few activities you can do while convalescing,” Diamond says. “I experienced this personally during my recovery from long COVID, as did my husband during his battle with leukemia. The PhoneSpud is both a useful and fun product. I hope the whimsy with which it was created, along with its practical use, shows the type of person I am and the company I’m striving to develop. Who doesn’t want a pillow for their phone?”

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