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How the Ancient Tradition of Samurai Sword-Making Has Led To The Perfect High-Quality Nail Care Experience

Last updated Tuesday, December 12, 2023 10:00 ET

Seki Edge, a company whose history dates back to 13th-century Japanese swordsmithing, offers quality beauty tools and grooming kits made with the same traditions.

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Most people can agree that some of the sharpest cutting edges are that of a samurai sword. But what if you could leverage that ancient craftsmanship with modern technology? Enter Seki Edge, a beauty tool retailer that uses the traditions of 13th-century Japanese sword smithing to offer some of the highest quality products that provide a soothing, quality, and safe experience. The company uses this long history of utilizing stainless steel practices to create reliable yet innovative products.

One of Seki Edge’s best-selling products is its grooming kits. Each kit is thoughtfully designed to provide complementary tools that customers desire. In particular, the Seki Edge Craftsman Luxury 2-Piece Grooming Kit exemplifies the quality the company strives for. The Craftsman Luxury 2-Piece Grooming Kit offers Seki Edge’s best-of-line nail clippers in a convenient bundle.

Customers receive the fingernail and toenail clipper set in a synthetic leather carrying case. The sleek case also has a small pocket to hold accessories such as a small nail file. These stainless steel tools make excellent gifts for all occasions and can be stored at home, in your car’s glove compartment, and stowed away in luggage.

Seki Edge products are made in Japan with some of the best metallurgy techniques in the world. Expert welders hone the steel by hand, making smooth cutting and sharp clippers customers love.

Seki Edge is a company for discerning customers who want the best products available. Its products last a lifetime and give customers a consistent, fulfilling grooming experience. All Seki Edge purchases come with a 30-day right-to-return policy. Customers can contact the company’s support telephone lines or email if they encounter difficulties.

Seki Edge’s strong reputation for providing long-lasting beauty tools is built upon a rich Japanese heritage. The company sources its products from Seki, a small town in Japan’s Gifu prefecture. Since as early as the 13th century, Seki was a national samurai sword-making hub. Due to its abundant natural resources, the town could produce the highest quality stainless steel in Japan. As society evolved, Seki’s craftsmen leveraged their extensive knowledge of sword-making to produce other metal-based products.

“Seki Edge craftsmen have taken the traditional techniques of samurai sword-making and modernized them for making metal beauty products,” says Vice President Vanessa Wada, “As a grooming tool retailer, Seki Edge is honored to source our products from talented, passionate Japanese artisans. Our items benefit from Japanese manufacturing technology but still provide modern ergonomics and design details that customers love.”

In addition to nail care kits, Seki Edge sells nail clippers, files, scissors, cuticle tools, eyelash curlers, tweezers, and more. The company strives to optimize daily beauty care through the production of safe, expert-made goods.

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