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Interactive Business Training Celebrates Five Years Redefining Corporate Training Strategies and Success

Last updated Friday, December 22, 2023 13:42 ET

Interactive Business Training reaches its five-year milestone, revolutionizing corporate training with personalized learning experiences.

Greenville, South Carolina, 12/22/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Interactive Business Training (ibT) celebrates a significant milestone as it reaches its fifth anniversary. Founded in 2019 by Kathy Snizaski, ibT is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) that carves a distinct niche in corporate training and professional development, delivering interactive, personalized learning experiences. The innovative company is committed to developing tailored training solutions that adapt to its client's specific needs and preferences through virtual classrooms, socially distanced sessions, or on-location training.

Its seasoned team of trainers and learning coaches boasting over 20 years of collective expertise recognizes that true proficiency stems from understanding technology and comprehending its practical application in enhancing productivity and efficiency. With this, ibT stands out for prioritizing human elements in its training services.

The company’s philosophy reflects its founder’s dedication to interactive 'hands-on' training. Snizaski’s expertise, which she honed for over 25 years working in adult training, and genuine passion for staff development prompted the birth of ibT. She emphasized, "The goal is to go beyond conducting training sessions. We want to redefine the traditional learning paradigm. I always tell my team we must focus on not just imparting technical skills. We also need to help our clients learn how to use the technology best to benefit their work." Essentially, central to ibT’s vision is understanding its students by taking time to learn about their workplaces, challenges, and aspirations.

Interactive Business Training offers a comprehensive set of services focusing on three domains, namely Microsoft training, project management, and leadership development. Mastering Microsoft solutions has become integral to ibT’s success. Recognizing that project management has become a pivotal skill in today’s competitive market, the company offers fundamental classes for individuals unfamiliar with the field. It breaks down complex methodologies into digestible knowledge to empower professionals from diverse backgrounds to excel in project-oriented environments.

As well as teaching the fundamentals, ibT also offers the necessary support for those looking to undergo their Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification. To continue this support ibT sponsors their local Project Management Institute (PMI) chapter, ensuring their constituents have the resources they need to maintain their certification.

Consequently, ibT acknowledges that soft skills are essential for effective leadership. Therefore, it offers programs that enhance interpersonal, intrapersonal, and human resources skills to equip individuals with the necessary attributes to lead dynamic workplaces.

The forward-looking company caters to diverse industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to financial institutions. With its holistic approach, it provides solutions to the unique requirements of each organization. When asked about a specific case study highlighting ibT’s impact, the founder answered, "We collaborated with a manufacturing client undergoing a digital transformation. We introduced technological changes, helping them transition from clipboards to tablets. The process involved facilitating cultural shifts by guiding employees through the complex process. Our goal is to teach them the technology and how to embrace it so they can leverage it effectively."

Ultimately, the success of ibT lies in its team's passion for continuous learning and teaching. Each coach recognizes the importance of effective human interaction in navigating the multi-generational workforce. What sets ibT further apart is its dedication to fostering long-term relationships with both its students and the organizations they work with by offering consulting services following training sessions.

By spending additional days post-training on-site, the company ensures that the students' learnings are translated into tangible solutions. Snizaski takes pride in witnessing its client organizations undergo a significant transformation. The company boasts of its high rate of returning customers, with clients relying on ibT’s expertise and seeking advice or solutions beyond conventional training needs.

Interactive Business Training is set to expand its partnerships within various industries. While already extending training globally, leveraging virtual options to reach markets in Mexico, China, and Italy, Snizaski seeks to establish a more substantial presence in diverse U.S. regions. This roadmap aligns with ibT’s mission of ensuring continuous growth, learning, and adapting to serve its clients better.

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