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Eight Creative Ideas to Engage Your VIP Customers

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Tiktok influencers Oleg and Fig share some excellent ways to engage your VIP customers.

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Engaging the customers is the responsibility of every small business owner. If you want not to lose the customers who are consistently involved with your brand, it is essential to make them feel like you care.

In this video, Oleg and Fig share powerful ideas to engage your customers.

Here are the ideas shared in the video:

  1. Exclusive bonuses.

  2. VIP-only promotions and discounts.

  3. Exclusive online and offline events.

  4. Subscription curated box for the VIPs.

  5. Priority access to new offers.

  6. Add them in the spotlight section on your social media and showcase how they use what you sell.

  7. Do a joint interview or live together.

  8. Make sure to engage them and ask for regular feedback constantly.

Being a small business owner, you may already know the importance of engaging your VIP customers. So do not forget to follow these tips.

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