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The Journey of Claudie L. Phillips: Empowering Others to Make a Difference Across Industries

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Claudie L. Phillips, an industry leader, has empowered countless individuals and organizations to initiate profound change in the education and school food service industries and beyond.

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Individuals passionate about supporting others to discover their full potential through mentoring, coaching, or simply being a supportive friend or colleague possess a genuine desire to see others succeed in their personal and professional endeavors. Claudie L. Phillips, the president of CP Consulting Services, LLC and the founder of The ICONS Foundation, exemplifies this dedication to helping others thrive throughout her journey.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Home Economics from Chicago State University and a master’s degree from National Louis University in Evanston, Illinois, Claudie pursued the role of an educator. She taught Home Economics in the Chicago Public Schools, and this exposure to the school system allowed her to open doors to opportunities in the school food service sector.

At 25, Claudie caught the attention of the former Food Service Director and Silver-Plate Award winner with her remarkable abilities and leadership skills. Following this recognition, she assumed roles of increasing responsibility. The dynamic woman eventually became the Director of Food Service Chicago Public Schools and later the Illinois School Food Service Association President.

Claudie, driven by her commitment to excellence, paved her path and founded her consulting business, CP Professional Foodservices, Inc., in 1995. She shared her expertise through this venture, developing curriculums and operation manuals to set new standards across the industry. Two years later, the woman of many hats founded The International Council On Nutrition Solutions (ICONS) Foundation.

The nonprofit organization's establishment prompted Claudie to gather industry leaders who share the goal of championing holistic approaches to nutrition and wellness globally. "Our mission at The ICONS Foundation is to educate, empower, and uplift individuals across various industries. We do this through consumer education, community outreach, and life skills programs tailored to all age groups," the founder shared.

The foundation boasts holistic programs catering to the diverse needs of children, families, and professionals, illustrating its dedication to driving positive change. It has multiple initiatives, such as healthy lifestyle and wellness programs for parents and kids (e.g., Community Outreach Virtual Retreats for Parents, Junior Chefs, etc.).

Its personal and professional development initiatives, like ICONSWORKS™ and the Young Authors Program, are equally impactful. This only proves that The ICONS Foundation leaves no stone unturned in promoting lifelong wellness under Claudie's leadership. Meanwhile, the Total School and Community Involvement Program focuses on engaging stakeholders from food management companies to self-operated schools and food manufacturers to fulfill the mission of building healthier communities.

Claudie remained adamant in extending her impact, driving her to join the inTEAM Consultant Group in 2006 to offer technical assistance to food service directors and their teams. Her exceptional leadership stood out again three years later as she became the Food Service Director for School District U-46. She left a legacy of efficiency and financial stability upon her retirement in 2018.

The industry leader's journey was far from over. In 2019, Claudie founded CP Consulting Services, Inc. This company aims to bring strategic transformation by partnering with businesses across multiple industry verticals. Claudie also rejoined inTEAM Associates as an independent contractor. "I wanted to take this opportunity to impart the wisdom, knowledge, and skills I gained in my four decades of experience. I found a new goal of helping nurture a new generation of food service professionals."

Claudie Phillips' footsteps serve as a roadmap for creating meaningful change worldwide. She showed an unyielding commitment to making a difference, from her work in the education and school food service industry to the establishment of The ICONS Foundation. Claudie intends to further extend her impact by helping others acquire the tools needed for a journey of self-exploration in her book, Knowing Your Heritage Matters: Staying Connected Matters More.

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