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The Schnitzer Law Firm Leads in Rideshare Accident Advocacy and Traffic Safety in Las Vegas, NV

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The Schnitzer Law Firm, a personal injury lawyer, helps those injured in rideshare accidents to pursue justice and fair compensation.

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Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have become a popular and safe alternative for many people. They can easily choose cars and drivers, pay, and even tip through the apps. While these services have the potential to reduce alcohol-involved crashes, they are not immune to everyday accidents. Passengers and other drivers using other cars can still find themselves in an Uber or Lyft accident.

When the unfortunate happens, victims - whether a driver of another car or a passenger - need medical attention and assistance in pursuing compensation. The Schnitzer Law Firm has been championing those people’s rights and guiding them through compensation processes for years.

The firm begins by building a solid case to ensure clients are compensated for property or vehicle damages resulting from the accident. Other losses clients might qualify for compensation include loss of wages due to an injury, current and future medical expenses, emotional suffering, and pain.

As with other auto accidents, the main challenge is dealing with insurance companies. While rideshare companies have attempted to make policies much easier to understand, many clauses and conditions remain confusing for those seeking compensation.

For example, the law requires rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber to maintain insurance for their drivers in Nevada. However, drivers are not considered part of the ridesharing company when an app is off. Therefore, their insurance must pay for damage and injuries. When building a case, The Schnitzer Law Firm takes all these factors into account.

In addition, the firm is committed to ensuring the pursuit of justice does not interfere with the victim’s healing process. By dealing with insurance and handling medical bills, the team gives clients time to get their lives together. Throughout this period, the firm ensures clients are familiar with the processes, and if they have questions about the legal processes, the attorneys are on standby to answer them.

The Schnitzer Law Firm is also unafraid to explore alternative means to secure fair compensation for clients through courts. The lead attorney, Jordan Schnitzer, loves the courtroom and has successfully secured many verdicts in jury trials. With this record, most insurance companies are more likely to offer fair offers to avoid the court route of dealing with disputes.

In addition, the firm educates the public on various issues, such as the importance of understanding local traffic laws and the consequences of distracted driving. These efforts align perfectly with the firm's commitment to promoting safety and legal education.

About The Schnitzer Law Firm:

The Schnitzer Law Firm is a personal injury attorney that assists individuals injured in auto, bicycle, motorcycle, Uber and Lyft, truck, and other accidents in pursuing justice. The firm helps clients manage communications with insurance companies, handle medical bills, and create strategies. Additionally, the firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no consultation fees, upfront costs, or attorney fees until the case is resolved.

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