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7 Websites to Check for the Latest and Updated Cricket News on Cricket Addictor

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The sport of cricket, that originated somewhere far away in the field of England, has now grown up to an extent where most of the countries are indulged in the game in modern times

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The sport of cricket, which originated somewhere far away in the field of England, has now grown up to an extent where most of the countries are indulged in the game in modern times. No other sport in the world has seen such a tremendous boost in popularity as much as cricket. More and more people are coming forward and joining the cricketing circuit as either players or fans but the involvement of the masses is not waning anytime soon. In such a time, where the happenings on and off the field is demanded and looked for, cricket news plays a very important role in keeping the fans up-to-date with the matches, and other details of the sport. There are several big names when talking about the websites providing the best and latest information about the sport.

Here is the list of the top 7 cricket websites that provide you with absolutely everything in cricket:

ICC: The International Council of Cricket

The ICC is the top body responsible for the conduction and management of cricket worldwide. Along with that, it has a website of its own where you get the details of the sport, updated and absolutely real-time. It has several benefits over other sports websites in terms of accuracy and consistency. Having separate sections for all the formats of the game, the website of ICC gives information about the schedules, fixtures, venues, and important insights such as the rankings of the team and players.

Cricket Addictor

Cricket Addictor carries all the information related to the sport under a website in an accessible manner making it easy for the users to access the data. Keeping a record of all the analytical data of the game, the website presents it to the audience in a manner that is easy to understand. The piece of information available on the website of Cricket Addictor is nearly accurate and you can find the updates and information on all the series and cricket tournaments going on throughout the world. With an Instagram following of 2.3 million, the website is one of the fan favorites and is considered trustable.

ESPN Cricinfo

A company/website established in 1993, it is another big name in the race for being the best website for cricket news. Another one of the most trusted websites worldwide, ESPN Cricinfo provides detailed coverage of the matches with real-time information on the ongoing matches along with its updated live scores and player stats. When looked at from the user’s perspective, this makes the task of keeping up with the pace of the match easier by providing all the information at one point.

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One of the most widely used websites for cricket information in India, Cricbuzz has seen significant growth in its impressions and credibility in recent years after getting established in 2004, and in turn has resulted in relevant content on the website followed by a mass audience. The ball-by-ball commentary feature is one of the prime attractions of the website attracting fans to have an immersive experience while going through the match details or cricket news. The match coverage on Cricbuzz is supported by well-analyzed data from previous matches and useful insights are dropped by the website regularly to keep their users entertained.


One of the big names when it comes to cricket websites and global trends are considered. The credibility of the website has seen a massive jump in recent years making it one of the most visited websites in the field of cricket. The company grew out to become one of the trademarks releasing its own list of best players across formats. Fans are interested in these useful insights and amazing information, taking the website to new heights day after day. To provide the user with a more immersive experience, the website of Wisden has a gaming zone with cricket quizzes and archives. It results in its increased impressions with the fans making it a big name in the sport.


Carrying a quirky name that attracts users, Sportskeeda came into existence in 2009. It became a hub for sports lovers, especially cricket fans who made this website big enough to be lined up with other giants. Featured articles, player interviews and match analysis have given an edge to the website over others of the same league. The website continues doing immense work in the field of all the mainstream sports giving special attention to cricket and this has brought not just cricket fans but fans of other sports to the platform as well.

BBC sports

BBC Sports is the sports branch of the famous BBC that holds all the broadcasting rights of various sports. Such a big name in the circuit, it provides national sports coverage for BBC TV and for online viewers as well. The section for cricket contains all the latest news and information on the sport along with details like fixtures, squads, and venues of comparatively smaller tournaments like The Hundred and Counties making it a unique choice when looking for the best website for cricket information and updates.


The sport of cricket is still growing at a fast pace with newer countries joining hands to participate in marquee events of cricket. In this era of modern day cricket, where all the information and updates are available on the touch of a finger, Cricket news has become a vital part of a fan’s life. The above-mentioned websites make the task of keeping up with the updates easier for a fan by collecting it in a single place and displaying it in a way that it becomes easier to grasp. With the never-ending-soon growth of cricket, more such names will be heard in the near future, maybe registering their name in a list of best cricket websites some other time.

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7 Websites to Check for the Latest and Updated Cricket News on Cricket Addictor

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