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How To Remove Florida.Arrest.org: $299 Special Rate

Last updated Monday, August 29, 2011 18:26 ET

Remove Slander.com is the leader in not only reputation management but also mug shot removal services. Remove Florida.Arrest.org, and FLjails.info.

Tampa, USA, 08/29/2011 / SubmitMyPR /

How To Remove Florida Arrest New Price Now Only $299

Tampa Florida, August 29, 2011
Remove Slander has just announced their new special price for mug shot removal services. Starting on August 30, 2011 until September 6th Remove Slander.com will lower their rate to $299 for clients in need of mug shot remove.

How To Remove Florida Arrest.org

Remove Slander.com is the leader in not only reputation management but also mug shot removal services. The firm specializes in removing mug shot site such as Florida.Arrest.org, FLjails.info, ArrestCentral.com, WhosArrested.com, MugShot.com, BustedMugshot.com, and Gotchamugshot.com

Remove Slander.com is reporting that they have helped over 300 clients remove their mug shots from Google, Yahoo, and Bing since the new system was implemented. A spokesperson for the firm says they plan to continue this new payment system for the upcoming quarter and possibly the beginning of the upcoming year.

“Our customers really appreciate the fact that we would take on this daunting challenge prior to collecting payment, it really displays confidence in our service. We knew it was a risky program with the potential of high losses but we are very proud of the fact that all of our clients have paid us as agreed upon.”

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Remove Slander.com is an online brand protection firm that is now servicing the general consumer in the same capacity as their corporate clients. The mug shot removal service is made available through the firm’s website at Remove Slander.com. On their website clients can simply fill out a form to have their mug shot removed and a representative will contact them to begin their service agreement.

If you have a mug shot on Florida Arrest.org and would like to have it removed please visit http://www.RemoveSlander.com