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Mugshot Removal: RemoveSlander.com Announce Mugshot Protection Plan

Last updated Sunday, March 10, 2013 16:34 ET

Mugshot Removal Service: RemoveSlander.com mugshot protection plan. Membership was designed to put an end to clients constantly paying mugshot removal fees.

Atlanta, USA, 03/10/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The Mugshot website epidemic has become a major issue infliction for previously arrested individuals as they now find their old booking photos in Google. To provide some needed relief to the mugshot problem RemoveSlander.com has just announced their Mugshot protection plan called Protective Custody Membership.

Until now the biggest complaint amongst Mugshot removal clients has been the constant re-publishing of their mugshots pictures after they’ve paid removal fees. Mugshot websites collect recent arrest information from law enforcement agencies then re-post those same photos on their “for-profit” websites. Some Mugshot websites can charge as much as $399 to remove booking photos from their databases and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

RemoveSlander.com Protective Custody Membership relieves Mugshot victims from having to pay constant removal fees every time that notice a new Mugshot photo in Google. Clients who opted into the Protective Custody Membership can enjoy the luxury of paying a monthly membership retainer and then watching all of their future mugshots get deleted from the internet.

Mugshot Removal Services

Protective Custody Members only pay one flat rate per month which covers an unlimited amount of mugshot removals within the subscribed month. No matter if they appear on 1 mugshot site or 10, the Protective Custody Membership will cover the removals guaranteed.

A few Program Features include

• One flat rate to remove all additional mugshot photos posted during the subscribed month.

• Monthly consultation to discuss the removal action plan for any newly discovered mugshot websites.

• No long term commitment – this membership is on a month to month basis.

• Your introductory membership rate is locked in and protected from any future membership rate increases.

• Expensive mugshot websites like MugshotsWorld.com, Bustedmugshots.com, and Just Mugshots.com are also covered under the Protective Custody Membership plan.

Tyronne Jacques CEO of RemoveSlander.com and the author of How to fight Google and win says he created the Protective Custody Membership because it broke his heart when previous clients discovered new mugshot photos in Google.

“No one can stop the mugshot websites from copying mugshots photos from Police Departments, but we can stop the constant purchases of mugshot removal services. Our Protective Custody Membership was designed to answer the question “what if my mugshot appears on another website.” Our members pay one monthly membership fee and then we continue to work for them fulltime, a complete win win.”

Tyronne Jacques went on to say that RemoveSlander.com was the first mugshot removal service and he has watched the mugshot industry grow from one mugshot website to nearly 100 in a two period. CEO Tyronne Jacques was recently interviewed on ABC World News, CNN, and the Salt Lake Tribune. For interview and media request please contact Tyronne Jacques at [email protected] .

To find out more about RemoveSlander.com and their Protective custody membership please visit their website at http://www.removeslander.com/Mugshot-Removal-Service-Protective-Memebership.html