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Award Winning Online retailer announce New Front Doors with new website

Last updated Monday, June 11, 2012 09:47 ET

Retailer of the Year, Global Door announce huge changes following launch of new website, offering New Front Doors and Composite Doors.

Hartlepool, United Kingdom, 06/11/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Good New Front Doors must tick a lot of boxes in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, but are thankfully in abundance at online door store 'Global Door'.

Shopping for Front Doors can prove tricky, especially for those people who are inexperienced in doing so. It should, of course, go without saying that most people seek both attractive aesthetics and a great deal of strength and security features in the New Front Doors that they purchase; however, learning how to find Front Doors of this description can rarely be straightforward. Indeed, this is why online specialist door retailer 'Global Door' endeavours to offer a generous selection of New Front Doors which offer such features as standard.

People who buy Front Doors from 'Global Door' can, for example, expect each of these Front Doors to come in one of many different designs, incorporating both a colour like red, blue, green, black or white and design features like panels, squares and possibly an arch. These people can similarly expect each of these Front Doors to come with a roster of impressive security features, including a Yale locking mechanism endorsed by UK police initiative Secured by Design.

New Front Doors & Composite Doors which offer so much value

Indeed, 'Global Door' are demonstrably far from a door retailer that rests on its laurels. This is evidenced by the myriad of qualities and features that comes with each of the New Front Doors that they sell. Each of these New Front Doors comes with, for example, a thickness of 16mm greater than standard uPVC panel doors for enhanced strength, plus a finishing coat of GRP for higher weatherproofness.

There is also an impressive degree of scope for 'Global Door' shoppers to customise the aesthetics of the Composite Doors that they purchase. This is due in a large part to the special designer page of the 'Global Door' website, which permits people to mix and match various aesthetic aspects of New Front Doors before opting to purchase any. 'Global Door' customers can even choose to supplement their New Front Doors with side panels and other features.
Speedy installation and a lengthy life for New Front Doors

New Front Doors purchased from 'Global Door' are also routinely speedily delivered and installed, and likely to remain in excellent condition for a long time. This is because not only does 'Global Door' have a policy of preparing each of these Composite Doors for delivery in a mere three days and installing each of these New Front Doors & Composite Doors in seven to ten days, it also customarily offers a five year fitting guarantee and ten year product guarantee with every one of its Composite Doors.

A 'Global Door' spokesperson stated: "People naturally often want to see plentiful useful features in the New Front Doors that they buy, but also often fear that their newly-bought Composite Doors may be difficult to install or deteriorate in condition within a mere few years of purchasing. However, we at 'Global Door' work hard to provide Composite Doors and New Front Doors which we can swiftly install and are genuinely built to last."
The 'Global Door' website is likely to help the retailer to attract even more customers and sales as time progresses, thanks in part to the ever-increasing use of the World Wide Web (WWW) by people seeking to buy Composite Doors.

Global Door was awarded Retailer of the Year at the May, Business Awards held in the North East of England. For new front doors choose Global Door.