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Parking Becomes Easier in Chicago with the Launch of SpotHero

Last updated Tuesday, October 2, 2012 16:45 ET

SpotHero a parking reservation start-up company, is the “Orbitz” of Chicago parking, providing the quick fix to the city’s parking problems

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Parking in Chicago has become less stressful and easier as SpotHero launched its services in the city. Founders, Jeremy Smith, Mark Lawrence, and Larry Kiss, realized the Chicago parking process was severely broken and started SpotHero to provide the city with a fast and easy solution. The company allows drivers to find and reserve affordable parking online.

SpotHero is changing the future of parking. The company has revolutionized parking in Chicago by helping over 10,000 people park. The company has made parking affordable, saving drivers thousands of dollars. Jeremy and Mark established partnerships with the largest parking operators in the country to improve the cost of parking and be readily accessible to customers. Customers can find parking spots for a single day, an event, or on a month-to-month parking basis.

"Growing up in the suburbs, one of the most frustrating parts of coming to the city was parking. For drivers in Chicago, it's always a hassle finding a spot. SpotHero solves the problem by making parking easy and transparent,” said Jeremy Smith, Co-Founder, SpotHero. “With SpotHero, I don't have to worry about where I'm going to park because they always have options ready.”

Jeremy and Mark are Chicago’s parking problem solvers and experts and joined forces with Larry Kiss to create the SpotHero iPhone application, allowing drivers to find and reserve parking on the go. The new app is free to download and helps drivers locate and price discounted parking spots via their iPhone. SpotHero differentiates itself from the competition, by providing 24-hour customer support. The company believes it’s imperative to build up a strong community of loyal customers and provide them with the best solution for their parking needs.

SpotHero is part of Chicago’s technology incubator, Excelerate Labs, an intensive accelerator program for start-ups at 1871, driven by successful entrepreneurs and investors. The program is run by entrepreneur, Troy Henikoff and works with the top 10 start-up companies from across the country, providing mentoring services and a full-equipped workspace. SpotHero just completed the program and presented at the Excelerate Labs Investor Demo Day in August. Jeremy Smith presented the SpotHero pitch to over 400 investors from across the country.

SpotHero has a second office location in San Diego, CA run by Larry Kiss. Chicago is the first city to receive and experience SpotHero, and the company plans to expand geographically in the near future.

About SpotHero
SpotHero is a rapidly growing startup, created to help solve the major parking problem in Chicago. Founders of SpotHero, Jeremy Smith, Mark Lawrence, and Larry Kiss launched the company to remove the hassle for drivers finding a parking spot. SpotHero allows drivers to compare and reserve spots from the web and their iPhone. The company helps their parking partners fill their unused inventory by putting drivers in their spots. For more information on reserving a space through SpotHero, visit http://www.SpotHero.com or call 312-566-SPOT (7768).

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