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Express Yourself eLearning Welcomes New Client, Judy Hoberman

Last updated Monday, July 1, 2013 13:23 ET

Successful Author, Consultant and Keynote Speaker launches Sales Training with a Twist eCourse

Waco, USA, 07/01/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Express Yourself eLearning is an on line course platform that is revolutionizing business for authors and speakers such as entrepreneur and sales trainer guru, Judy Hoberman. With new, affordable technology, individuals and small businesses can upload videos, audio, content, quizzes and documents onto Express Yourself eLearning and sell their message globally. This game-changer offers a broader audience and reduces printing, distribution and travel costs.

"Judy came to me with an eCourse horror-story," said Jayne Rios, CEO & Founder of Express Yourself eLearning. "Unfortunately she had been taken advantage of by other elearning companies, and was ready to give up. After meeting several times, and talking to others who were extremely happy with Express Yourself, she cautiously gave it one more shot. We are just about to launch her first course, and she is extremely happy."

The intrinsic value of Express Yourself eLearning becomes obvious when users begin uploading their courses. The platform is Word-based and can be navigated easily and quickly. There are no codes to learn so anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can jump in and begin. Before this new technology was available, eLearning online platforms required a sophisticated level of expertise. Express Yourself technology changed the eLearning portrait, allowing individuals with low IT skills the opportunity to engage.

"After all the drama I went through to this point, Jayne and her team made the eCourse process run so smoothly, I could finally relax," commented Judy Hoberman. "I know they will do everything they can to help market and align my company with incredible strategic partners and affiliates. I am looking forward to launching this product as I believe this is just the beginning of lots of content being turned into eLearning. I have gone from cautiously optimistic to optimistic . . . that's a huge step for me."

Express Yourself eLearning was launched earlier this year, and has created quite a buzz within author/speaker communities. Requests for walk-through demos has necessitated the creation of a video course entitled Interactive Author. Interested parties can sign up for this course by going to http://www.expressyourselfelearning.com/instant-access/

About Express Yourself eLearning
Designed for 21st century speakers, authors and trainers, Express Yourself eLearning is a dynamic online eLearning platform. Recently launched by KungFuzos, Next Generation Video Marketing, the eLearning system is created incorporating new technology that makes it affordable and extremely user-friendly. Express Yourself eLearning encourages users to upload videos shot with hand-held camera such as Smart Phones, audio, photos, course content, documents that students can download, quizzes, and certificates of completion. The courses are password protected and tie in to ecommerce so that individual course publishers can charge whatever they wish and keep 100% of the income. To find out more go to http://www.expressyourselfelearning.com or call toll free 855-456-9876.

About Judy Hoberman
After completing her position as an award-winning training director, Judy took her career on a new path and today is a featured gender expert on Fox Business as well as leading media outlets. She is a keynote speaker, consultant and entrepreneur, addressing the differences in sales techniques between men and women, and the advantages of a female-focused approach. She is the host of Cosmic Broadcasting show, Selling in a Skirt, and the author of Selling in a Skirt book, and Sales Training with a Twist eCourse. To learn more about Judy Hoberman go to http://www.sellinginaskirt.com

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