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Apple iOS7 Block Knockoff Lightning, MIPOW Lightning Product Fill Up the Market

Last updated Wednesday, July 17, 2013 02:40 ET

MIPOW, MFi licensee, nicely fills up the legitimate market with its latest Lightning product range covers from cable, chargers to portable charger

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As reported just after the launch of iOS 7 beta earlier last month, it is capable of detecting unauthorized Lightning cables or accessories when they are plugged into an iOS 7 device. While the iOS system will alert the user with a warning message, it does not prevent the unauthorized cables and accessories from working with the device at this time. This news may be a tragedy for unauthorized Lightning product manufacturers. It’s only a warning for now, but Apple has shown it may take stronger action later.

There are many Lightning product manufacturers who don’t have Apple’s MFi testing certification so their lightning cables or accessories may not work reliably with iOS 7 devices.

Meanwhile, for MIPOW, an MFi V6.0 Manufacturing Licensee, our products have passed the MFi certification testing and can be used for iOS 7 devices directly.

MIPOW's portable chargers are all-in-one cable-less external battery with built-in MFi certified Lightning connector for direct charging, no extra cable required. The tubular shape series (Power Tube 2600, Power Tube 3000L, Power Tube 4000L) comes with built-in male USB for easy recharging.

Strong Compatibility
In addition to the Lightning connector, MIPOW's portable chargers are also equipped with an extra USB output port compatible with most mobile devices.

Wide Power Range
MIPOW's portable chargers series includes Power Tube 2600 (Lightning version), Power Tube 3000L, Power Tube 4000L, Power Cube 5200L and Power Cube 8000L (iF Product Design Award winner), which are specially designed for Apple's iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and iPod nano (7th generation).

Excellent Finish and Appearance
These Lightning equipped portable charger are compact and exquisitely made of vividly colored anodized aluminum alloy. The designs are tubular or cuboid structures and come with exclusive battery level indicators.
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More details can be found at the MIPOW website: www.mipow.com

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