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Peak Acquisitions Announces Promotion & Expansion

Last updated Wednesday, July 17, 2013 13:31 ET

After only eight months, with hard work and a desire for management Troy was promoted into an Assistant Manager position in Annapolis, MD.

07/17/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Peak Acquisitions is one of the top marketing firms in the Charlotte, NC area. Peak Acquisitions works with clients in the home entertainment, satellite television and consumer electronics industries. Due to unprecedented growth, Peak Acquisitions is expanding rapidly.

With such large clients in their industries, Peak Acquisitions is growing quickly. This month the company sent its management staff and top account managers to a quarterly meeting in Annapolis, MD. The intensive conference introduced new clients, partnerships and recognized numerous accomplishments of the top offices. For Peak Acquisitions Manager Greg Harrison, “the leadership meeting had many exciting moments including training, highlighting accomplishments of others, and promotions.” This included a special promotion of one of their own.

Troy Hudson started with Peak Acquisitions eight months prior as a client representative. With hard work and a desire for management Troy was promoted into an Assistant Manager position. “Troy started with us as a manager in training position and immediately excelled. He worked hard and had an unbelievable student mentality. We are so proud to promote him to Assistant Manager as he has earned it” states Greg. Although the location has yet to be disclosed for where Troy will be managing, Peak Acquisitions is excited for Troy and his opportunity to continue to grow within the company.

In October, the company will again travel with its management staff to their Annual Managers Getaway to Montego Bay, Jamaica. They will have five days at the resort for a celebratory weekend to recognize the accomplishments over the first half of the 2013. Peak Acquisitions is slated for success with its 2012 game plan, in which growth and expansion are top priorities. It is clear that the success of the company and employees hardly goes unnoticed at Peak Acquisitions.

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