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Jayne Rios Selected as National Finalist for Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year

Last updated Tuesday, July 23, 2013 16:16 ET

Winner to be Announced in September at the Success Summit in L.A.

Dallas, USA, 07/23/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Jayne Rios is Founder & CEO of Express Yourself eLearning, Acts 2 Technology & KungFuzos Marketing & Video. She was nominated to compete in this prestigious category, and was selected as a finalist. Results will be announced at the Success Summit Conference in Los Angeles, California on September 27.

"I was humbled and honored to be nominated for this amazing award," said Jayne Rios. " When I was chosen as a finalist, I was thrilled beyond words. I am competing against three other top professionals, so honestly just being part of this amazing group of entrepreneurs is incredible."

Ms. Rios was nominated and became a National Finalist due to her innovation in the field of eLearning. She developed an IP eCourse Platform unlike any in the marketplace. Prior to her innovation, eCourse platforms were designed and useful only to large educational institutions and corporation. These eLearning tools were unfriendly, overly robust and too costly for individuals or small- to medium-sized corporations.

Jayne's platform is user-friendly and affordable and is now being utilized by two distinct markets. "I founded Acts2Technology.com so that Christian ministries could send God's word out globally by eCourses - even to countries hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Jayne Rios continues, "ExpressyourselfeLearning.com offers speakers, authors, coaches and trainers a platform from which they can monetize their message. Individual can now take what they know and turn their message into an online business, working from home."

The winner is going to be announced at the Success Summit in L.A. in September, 2013. If you would like to vote for Jayne Rios, you may do so by going to http://www.successsummitandexpo.com/vote

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