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Southern Surgical Arts Announces New Price on Botox Treatments

Last updated Friday, July 26, 2013 11:27 ET

Southern Surgical Arts now offering authentic Botox treatments at a reduced price.

07/26/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Previously sold for $14 per unit, Southern Surgical Arts is offering patients Botox treatments for only $10.99 per unit. Not only does this offer a significant savings on your treatment, you also have confidence that you are receiving authentic Botox.

Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal take pride in the fact that they offer their patients only 100 percent authentic, U.S.-made Botox products. Each of their injections is purchased from Allergan, which is a US based specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company. It is important that you verify that this is the origin of the substance if you are getting Botox treatments.

“If you allow a doctor to utilize unauthentic Botox treatments, you are putting yourself at serious risk,” said Carey Nease, MD, a triple-board certified cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon at Southern Surgical Arts. “It is crucial you ask questions and know the risks that are involved with any procedure where something is being injected into your body, including Botox.”

While Botox is most well-known for the cosmetic benefits, it is also used for a myriad of other purposes. For example, the treatment can help to alleviate twitching eyelids, neck pain, muscle stiffness, excessive sweating of the underarms and lazy eye. It is an effective treatment method, however understanding all of the risks as well as the exact product being used is crucial prior to moving ahead with the treatment.

When you visit Southern Surgical Arts you can have peace of mind that only Allergan Botox units are used, providing you peace of mind that the Botox injections you are receiving are authentic. Call today and take advantage of the special price.