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911 Biker Law Supports and Recognizes July as Women’s Motorcycle Month

Last updated Tuesday, July 30, 2013 23:35 ET

Since 2009, there has been a growth in the motorcycle riding community, particularly women.

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Since 2009, there has been a growth in the motorcycle riding community, particularly women. Out of the 27 million riders, 7.2 million are women. In fact, the Motorcycle Industry Council estimates that 1 in 10 motorcycle owners are female.

What is the importance of these facts? July is recognized as Women’s Motorcycle Month. The days of a woman’s ability to ride being questioned are quickly subsiding.

Michael Brehne has dedicated his law practice to motorcycle accidents and personal injury cases in 911 Biker Law for over 16 years.

“There has definitely been an increase in women riders,” Brehne said. “Just as I use riding to break free and relieve stress, women ride for the same reasons – it’s therapeutic.”

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, popular for its motorcycles and its purpose to “fulfill dreams of personal freedom,” has been an advocate for women riders over the years.

With the creation of customized motorcycles, apparel and even being a medium through which women can share their stories, Harley-Davidson has created a “No Doubts. No Cages.” marketing campaign that is specifically for women.

Women on Wheels, the country’s oldest and largest women motorcycle club, is now 30 years old and has a growing membership of about 3,000.

Women’s Motorcycle Month is a collaboration of The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum and Nationwide Insurance.

While we are still in July, keep a lookout for riders in the street but make a special note of the women that choose to ride instead of drive.

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