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A Bluetooth Headset Revolution - MIPOW’s VoxTube

Last updated Wednesday, July 31, 2013 05:08 ET

After two years of meticulous research and design, MIPOW introduces the innovative Bluetooth® enabled headsets VoxTube 500 and VoxTube 700.

07/31/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Following success in the portable charger market, MIPOW organized a new R&D team to develop Bluetooth enabled products and other accessories. We are now pleased to announce the VoxTube 500 and VoxTube 700 Bluetooth enabled headsets. Both headsets are winners in Germany’s 2013 Red Dot Design Awards. These closely follow the release of our Lightning™ portable charger series.

VoxTube 500 is a Bluetooth headset which comes in a unique tubular shaped body of anodized aluminum. By combining Bluetooth V4.0 Low Energy with “Compact size, light weight” design, it breaks through the previous restrictions of standby and talk time in a small body. The vivid colors and fashionable appearance overturn the earlier rigid and boring impressions of Bluetooth headsets. Its features include: pairing with two Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously, answer or end calls, voice prompt and voice dialing. The dual microphones noise canceling and CVC ensure a smooth and clear phone conversation. With three different sizes, the comfortable earbuds conform to ergonomic design. When paired with an iPhone, the headset battery level will show on screen.

VoxTube 700 specifications and features are the same as VoxTube 500 but is housed in a rectangular shaped body which is the same size as a USB plug. Indeed, the VoxTube 700 plugs into a USB port for recharging, no extra cable is required.

MIPOW is a fully integrated research and development, design, manufacturing and sale company with offices in China, USA and Hong Kong. Products have been taken as corporate gifts by IBM, HP, UBS and other prestigious brands. MIPOW has won eight awards from the internationally renowned iF Design Awards and Red Dot Design Awards. MIPOW has sixteen product patents with more pending.

More information is available on the MIPOW website: http://www.mipow.com/en/product/vox-tube-500-bluetooth-headset.html