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Marco Khan is well known as an actor for playing in at least 45 movies.

Last updated Sunday, August 4, 2013 19:46 ET

Marco Khan is from Iran whose lifelong passion was to become an actor. He has worked tirelessly to fulfill his life’s goal.

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His appearance, especially his diverse background has helped him accomplish this dream. Marco is well known as an actor for playing in at least 45 movies.

Marco Khan appears as a tough guy on the outside, but his true character and personality are far more different than most people would realize at first glance.

Marco Khan is also very famous for playing in the film " 10000 BC" , "2012" , " Iron Man", " You don't mess with the Zohan", "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest", and the role in the movie" Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."

Above all Marco Khan is not only smart, but he is also determined and a diligent, hardworking actor. As Marco Khan himself once quoted, “The beginning is always hard, but then it gets easier.” Marco throughout his career as an actor has possessed the roles of many negative characters. However we should take more of a closer look at who Marco Khan is on the inside.

In one interview for example Marco Khan describes himself as being nice to people and his “tough guy” image therefore does not prevent him from being likable. As one actor stated, “It was a pleasure to work with Marco Khan. Marco wrote a short interrogation scene and I directed it. We had a lot of fun working together. Soon more…”

What separates Marco Khan from many other famous actors is the fact that Marco Khan is able to play in a variety of different roles. Most actors (even the famous ones) are only able to play two different types of roles. Marco Khan on the other hand is able to play in a vast number of bad guy roles, each with a different personality attached to them. For example Marco Khan played many vivid roles in movies such as The Champ, Hollywood Kills, American Fusion, and the Ghost Hunter.

Marco Khan’s passion to become an actor led him to learning the art of acting himself first. As it turns out in an interview Marco Khan stated, “I studied the acting from different teachers, but the most important lesson was learning on the set at the time of filming.”

Marco Khan not only plays his roles tough but also convincingly. This can be observed in his acting demo reel. Marco Khan is the sort of actor that the audience wants to see on screen because of his ability to play convincing tough roles as an actor who persuades people to watch the film because of his talent.

All that can be said to summarize the genius of Marco Khan and his acting is that the smooth toughness, charisma, and well-thought-out words and facial expressions he puts together as an actor create what we call talent. There is only one Marco Khan out there, and he has proved himself exceptional to the world of Hollywood and the movie business through his ability to play tough roles with a sensitive character.