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Are There Really Any 100% Free Adult Dating Sites?

Last updated Thursday, August 8, 2013 16:15 ET

New tech startup "DateorPlay.com" claims to enlighten users with true 100% free adult dating.

Dayton, USA, 08/08/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Like most of us that are looking to have a good time and find a hookup online we stumble across the problem of so many adult dating sites claiming to be supposedly 100% free, but really have some type of hidden charge or gimmick. One recent new tech startup company “DateorPlay.com” claims to have the answer to this problem. The founders of DateorPlay.com, want to take stake in this highly competitive industry by offering, truly 100% free online adult dating.

Like most of you are asking yourself; how is it possible that this new start up could be 100% free, & continue on in such a highly competitive industry. Well the founders of DateorPlay.com, understands this very concern. Their philosophy is simple: “Keep a clean user friendly site without all the clutter of additional charges and popup ads, and the user base will grow. We simply do not want to be like these other sites and charge a hidden fee says the founders of DateorPlay.com. At DateorPlay.com we want to enlighten our users to have the best possible online adult dating experience, without all the hassle and user cost associated with some of the larger players within this industry. Our mission is to create the #1 adult dating site on the planet, completely 100% free to the end user.”

Is this a gimmick to entice users to join so that later as they become a sensation they can charge; well founders of DateorPlay.com say NO that they will remain 100% free. So there you have it, DateorPlay.com claims to have the answer to the 100% free adult dating sites. But only time will truly tell if they keep to their word, and if DateorPlay.com will remain a totally free site in the adult dating industry.

For more information or to sign up with DateorPlay.com, please visit: http://dateorplay.com/

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