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da Vinci® Robot Surgery Lawsuits

Last updated Monday, August 12, 2013 17:11 ET

As more surgeries are performed using the da Vinci® Robot there seems to be a growing trend of injuries.

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Ron Bell, of the Bell, Hughes, Coleman firm in Albuquerque, is investigating reports of serious injuries and deaths resulting from use of the da Vinci® Surgical Robot, a remote-controlled robot manufactured by Intuitive Surgery, Inc. Introduced to hospitals and doctors in 2000, the da Vinci® Robot has grown in popularity and was used for over 350,000 procedures last year. Both Santa Fe and Albuquerque have a da Vinci® Surgical Robot in use. As the number of procedures using the da Vinci® system increases, more adverse events and injuries from robotic surgery are being reported. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury or complications from a da Vinci® Robotic Surgery, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your injuries. Ron Bell, of the Bell Hughes Coleman firm, will provide you with a free case evaluation. Contact us today.

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Injuries from da Vinci® Surgical Robot

Serious and sometimes fatal adverse events from robotic surgeries have been reported. Some may be the result of equipment malfunction or design defects, and others may be the result of inadequate training for the surgeons who operate the robot. Injuries from robotic surgery can include:

• Tears and perforations of organs, arteries and body tissue
• Burns to organs, arteries, and body tissue
• Wrongful death from da Vinci® robotic surgery

Because of the increase in adverse events being reported, the FDA is conducting a review of the da Vinci® robot. If you or a loved one were injured after robotic surgery, contact the office of Bell Hughes Coleman P.A. and ask for a free no obligation consultation.

The da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System is designed to be less invasive than traditional surgery, thereby reducing recovery time for patients. However, recent research has suggested that surgeons are operating the robot without adequate training, and that surgery results are sometimes inferior to traditional surgery. In addition, there may be design defects in the da Vinci® Robot that can cause serious injuries and complications from surgery.

Aggressive Marketing Creates Pressure to Perform da Vinci® Robotic Surgery

You may have seen ads advertising to patients that robotic surgery will ‘produce better results and faster recovery’. Doctors may even be encouraged to operate with the da Vinci® Robot when it may not be the best option for a patient. Some surgeons may even be under pressure from hospitals to perform robotic surgery without adequate training, which can lead to complications, injuries, and wrongful death from the da Vinci® Robot.

Some da Vinci® surgery lawsuits claim that the surgeries were performed without proper training, leading to serious injuries and wrongful death. It is important to review the details of your surgery problems with a lawyer who can help determine if you have a case because of a robotic surgery injury Design Defects in da Vinci® Surgical Robot Adverse events have been reported that were caused by malfunctions with the da Vinci® robot, leading to tissue damage, burns, perforations, and other injuries that would not be likely to occur in traditional surgery.

Some reports show that the electrical insulation in the surgical arm had become worn down, resulting in the electrical current being transmitted to the patient. Other adverse event reports describe scenarios where the robot stopped responding to operator commands, requiring the surgeons to shut down the robot to regain control.

Many injuries and complications are not realized at the time of the procedure. Remember-your surgeon is controlling the robot by a remote. This results in patients experiencing pain, bleeding, and sometimes serious and fatal complications after they are home recovering from their surgery. These types of complications from da Vinci® Robots may require additional surgery or lead to further injury.

Free da Vinci® Lawsuit Evaluations

We have attorneys who focus their practice on defective medical devices and have helped thousands of individuals receive compensation for injuries and wrongful deaths. We are offering free case evaluations for individuals who suffered complications from da Vinci® Robotic surgery. Call Ron Bell at the Bell, Hughes, Coleman Firm today to discuss your case and see if you need to be concerned about your da Vinci® Robotic surgery. The call is free and if you are experiencing any unusual side affects. You need to be certain that you are not a victim.

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