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AnythingCostumes Rolls Out New Superman and Steampunk Costumes and Party Props

Last updated Wednesday, August 14, 2013 13:19 ET

AnythingCostumes.com expands its inventory of Halloween and theme party props, new costumes from Steampunk and a cooler, sleeker Superman for 2013.

Phoenix, USA, 08/14/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

ABC Online Resources LLC. announced today that they will be expanding its Halloween costume and party props line featured on their website, Anythingcostumes.com, which will now include new Steampunk costumes and a modern, moodier Superman costume.

The new, redesigned Superman costume about to hit the shelves at AnythingCostumes.com, say company officials, is based on the one worn by the superhero in his latest film, "Man of Steel." However, Halloween'ers anxious to be the first to wear the new Superman costume will notice that there's no tight red shorts included with the 2013 version of this popular costume. This new Superman costume is a sleeker, much more modern design than any of those worn by the 'Man of Steel' in his past films or depicted in the Superman comics. It has darker, moodier tones that are woven into a high-tech mesh material.

“We expect the new style of Superman costumes for adults to begin arriving in mid to late summer with the children’s not far behind," said Navarro, AnythingCostumes' store manager, Jesse Navarro. He also mentioned that the company is anxious to get the new Superman costume on the shelves as soon as possible because customers are asking about it already. " We've had customers inquiring about the arrival of the new design already and from what we've seen so far, sales will certainly be directly impacted by the new movie release which has renewed excitement for the brand," added Navarro.

Visitors to AnythingCostumes.com will also find an expanded line of Halloween and party props for almost any party theme, including funny costumes, stone age era caveman costumes, children’s costumes and more. The company has added a variety of new black lights, strobe lights, fog machines and the appropriate liquids for ground or traditional fog to help any party planner create an especially dark and spooky event.

Steampunk costumes and accessories are always popular for Halloween and Navarro said AnythingCostumes does not expect that this year will be any different. In fact, he said the company is already gearing up for their Steampunk fans by adding many new styles to their already impressive collection of Steampunk costumes and accessories for Halloween 2013.

Halloween is just a few short, hot months away but AnythingCostumes is already hard at work ordering and stocking the latest costume designs, fashions and all of the props and accessories that go with them.

"We have added new styles with duster type jackets, which are very popular, as well as some new aviator goggles and hats that are staples for every Steampunker," said Navarro.
Navarro said the annual popularity of the Steampunk motif seems solid as ever. “Steampunk parties and conventions allow adults and kids to enjoy a fantasy of the past and live the adventures of the steam era that they never had. How fun is that for a change of pace during in a long hot summer?”

About AnythingCostumes.com: AnythingCostumes.com is an online retailer of men, women and children’s costumes, accessories and party props, specializing in sexy Halloween costumes for adults, funny costumes, wigs, masks, prosthetics, make-up and more. Customers can also purchase any of the company’s costumes or accessories in their store, at 5701 W. Latham St. Suite 101, Phoenix, Az., 85043. Free, worldwide shipping is also provided on all costumes, products and party supplies.

For more information about AnythingCostumes visit their website or call 602-944-5243.