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Griffith Energy Services – Overseeing a Century of Technological Advancement

Last updated Wednesday, August 14, 2013 15:02 ET

A description of the growth of technology throughout 100 years.

USA, 08/14/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

If you are to believe evolutionary scientists, as a society we will soon reach the point where technology has superseded nature to become the leading regulator of human behavior. The potential consequences of this are incredible, as it would eliminate disease and ultimately create a fusion between computer programming principles and the human body. As far fetched as this may sound, supporters would point to the rapid pace of technological advancement and how this has continued to gain momentum since the turn of the century.

The connotations for tradesmen and residential service providers are less positive, however, primarily because such an evolution would eliminate human interaction and force consumers to deal with robotic representatives. This is far from ideal when letting a professional firm into your home, whether you are employing the local services of an experienced HVAC contractor or a nationally renowned plumber. With this in mind, consumers are far more likely to consider companies that fuse a technologically advanced service with the traditional values of integrity, honesty and open communication.

This is where service providers such as Griffith Energy Services enter the fray, as they have more than 114 years of industry experience and an acute knowledge of modern trends and technology. This represents a unique fusion in the current marketplace, especially in the wake of a global recession that has claimed more than 200,000 small businesses alone since 2008. A Baltimore based HVAC contractor with an outstanding reputation throughout the whole of the Mid-Atlantic region, Griffith Energy Services is a firm that consumers have relied upon through significant social and economic changes.

If you are Mid-Atlantic resident or business owner who is looking for a heating contractor that understands the importance of both technology and human interaction, Griffith Energy Services is the ideal company for you. To find out more about the firm, it's fascinating history and underlying philosophy that has helped it to survive for more than a century, visit http://www.griffithheatingandair.com today.