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Glass figurine brand TYNIES™ teams up with PAUL FRANK IND. for new collection

Last updated Tuesday, August 20, 2013 13:51 ET

Tynies announcing their new addition to their catalog, Paul Frank Industries tiny figurines will join the more than 160 figures available nationwide.

Glendora, United States, 08/20/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Tynies™, the collectible tiny glass figurines found in stores across the U.S., will welcome new figures in 2013 when the Paul Frank Industries line of Tynies™ is released. Julius the Sock-Monkey and Sheree the Cat will be two of the six figures to join the world of Tynies™ this year.

“We are happy to say that Paul Frank and Tynies will be monkeying around together soon in a city near you,” said Sean Demircift, President of the Tynies™ Brand “These new figures will be our most detailed yet and are a perfect fit to join the rest of our Tynies family.”

Like the rest of the Tynies™ collection, each of the Paul Frank figurines is handmade. The tiny figurines are sculpted from glass and feature vivid colors that are created without the use any type of paint. Julius, Sheree and the rest of the Paul Frank figures will join other world famous characters from Hello Kitty, Pecanpals and Smurfs at stores nationwide and online at retailers like PuzzleZoo. In addition to its licensed figurines, the company also released the first collection of Desserts Tynies™ in May of 2013 that includes tiny, colorful glass cupcakes and sundaes. The Tynies™ brand is also in the process of creating new figurines based off the mega-popular Hub Network cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In the coming months Tynies™ is expected to launch a “Design a Tynie™” program that will let Tynies™ fans create their own unique tiny glass figurines. A mock-up of the concept can be found online at www.tynies.com where users can piece together their own crazy and creative creations.


The Tynies™ brand was started in 2009 with just 40 different tiny glass figurines. Since then, more than 1.5 million Tynies™ have been sold in more than 1000 stores nationwide and online. If you’d like more information on Tynies™ or if you’d like to become a Tynies™ Dealer, contact Sean Demircift at 866-689-6437 or email Mr. Demircift at [email protected].