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Herzing College Immigration Consultant Diploma Program Receives Accreditation

Last updated Wednesday, August 21, 2013 13:18 ET

New Police Foundations Diploma Also Available

Ottawa, Canada, 08/21/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Herzing College Immigration Consultant diploma program received accreditation from the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), which enables graduates to take the ICCRC exam and become Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.

“The Immigration Consultant program is designed to help students become qualified to work in the growing immigration management field and help immigrants or refugees to successfully transition into their new Canadian homeland,” said Dr. Michael McAllister, campus president of Herzing College – Ottawa. “Immigration consulting is a rewarding career that allows individuals who have some post-secondary education or experience in the legal field to begin working in law firms and corporate legal departments after six months of training and education.”

“As immigrating to Canada becomes more complex, it is essential that people wanting to work in the immigration field receive formal training to provide them with the credentials and skills necessary to succeed in this exciting field,” McAllister added.

To qualify for the Immigration Consultant diploma program, applicants must have a high school diploma or mature student status (a bachelor’s degree, postsecondary diploma, or work experience in a related field strongly suggested), and they must successfully complete a police check, an aptitude evaluation and an entrance interview. A two-month internship is included in the program to provide students with practical experience before they graduate.

Also newly offered to the Ottawa community is the one-year Police Foundations diploma program at Herzing College. Through classroom study, guest speakers from various occupations in public safety, and an internship, students will be prepared for beginning a career in public safety, including becoming a police officer. Included in the Police Foundations program at Herzing is the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Restricted Firearms Safety Course. Once completed, students can also apply for their Possession/Acquisition License (PAL) and will go through a security screening process to qualify. The Police Foundations program also maps to the Constable Selection System developed by the Ontario Ministry of Public Safety and Security.

Those interested in the Police Foundations diploma program must have a high school diploma or mature student status and they must successfully pass a criminal record and reference check, an aptitude evaluation and an entrance interview.

Applications for both Immigration Consultant and Police Foundations are now being accepted for students interested in beginning their program in fall 2013. To learn more or register for classes, students are encouraged to call 800-NEW CAREER (800-639-2273) visit www.herzing.ca/ottawa or email [email protected].

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