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Vitalis Lanshima Announces his Candidacy for Jefferson County Clerk

Last updated Monday, August 26, 2013 01:08 ET

Vitalis Lanshima, a Paralympian and educator, is announcing his candidacy for Jefferson County Clerk.

Louisville, United States, 08/26/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Vitalis Lanshima, a Paralympian and educator, is announcing his candidacy for Jefferson County Clerk. After extensive conversation with community and political leaders, and listening to the concerns of Jefferson County residents, Vitalis believes it’s time for Jefferson County to have a County Clerk who will be the chief advocate for civic engagement. As Jefferson County Clerk, Vitalis will fight for every eligible citizen’s right to vote by opposing any voter photo ID legislation and advocating for restoration of voting rights to nonviolent felony offenders.

With extensive experience in business and education, Vitalis understands that government is not always the answer, but government can be leveraged to improve the quality of life for its citizens. As an educator, Vitalis has served in some of the most challenging neighborhoods in the community and has seen firsthand the problems and obstacles faced by students and their families. According to Vitalis, “the lack of money sometimes means a family has to choose between renewing their vehicle registration and putting food on the table. So, when the County Clerk decides to raise vehicle registration fees by 40%, this is a tax hike that negatively impacts families.”

Vitalis Lanshima has watched with dismay the politicization of the County Clerk’s office. Jefferson County deserves a County Clerk who will lead with a vision and take a leadership role in leading on the issues that our citizens face. Vitalis’ top priority is “modernizing and streamlining the Jefferson County Clerk’s office.” He adds, "the goal is to transform the County Clerk’s service delivery process and the methods in which individuals and businesses interact with the Clerk’s office.”

According to Vitalis, “there is no reason why investors and citizens must courier documents at exorbitant costs to close on a real estate property in the 21st Century.” He is committed to working with the legislature to expand the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act to empower citizens and businesses to utilize real estate eRecording services. Vitalis will work with appropriate government agencies to deploy an electronic vehicle registration solution for Jefferson County auto dealerships to provide a convenient “one stop shop” -- empowering vehicle dealerships to title and register vehicles on-site for a more customer convenient experience.

Vitalis has served in various academic and community leadership capacities, including the Kentucky Education Association Board of Directors and the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors Government Affairs Committee, advocating for equity and empowerment. He is an adjunct professor at Bellarmine University, teaching courses in social entrepreneurship.

More information about Vitalis and his campaign may be found on his website, www.votevitalis.com. This site includes biographical information about Vitalis and a calendar of upcoming events, as well as his position on many of the important issues affecting Jefferson County.