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E1T Inc., EMU Inc., and SDA file a Technology and Business Commerce Patent

Last updated Tuesday, August 27, 2013 09:56 ET

(EMU), (E1T), and the Safe Driving Association, file a strategic provisional patent to protect their existing technology.

Chicago, United States, 08/27/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

E1T Inc., EMU Inc., and the Safe Driving Association announce filing an innovative Technology and Business Commerce Patent
Chicago, IL, August 27th, 2013 — Entermyuniverse, Inc. (EMU), Everyonetexts, Inc. (E1T), and the Safe Driving Association (SDA), premier providers of business and consumer smart phone applications, announce filing of a strategic provisional patent to protect their existing technology.

This new technology breaks down barriers that currently exist between different platforms and mobile architecture using innovative methods and processes for direct communication and commerce. The new, single environment combines cellular, satellite, and Internet and currently uses the most common worldwide mobile platforms including Google Android, Apple iPhone, and Blackberry mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The environment offers direct communications with every registered device that is in use during a transaction initiated by a mobile or Internet user. It transparently resolves the compatibility problems of sending and receiving information across multiple platforms by providing an instantaneous clearinghouse for all communication, information, and common business services. It provides a host of unique features and benefits to all registered users. Users may choose from 3 levels of service, with the entry level offered free.

A few of the innovative services already delivered from this commerce platform include:

• Personal Privacy Protection and Enforcement: Each user can choose their own level of private engagement, virtual, anonymous, or visible, and they can do it in real time, opting in or out of available programs or offers based upon their interest at a particular time or place, thus engaging under the terms of their own preferred privacy policy.
• Personalized Communication Mode: Each user can control which communication medium will be used, including text, email, voice and video, even across multiple devices and platforms that would otherwise have compatibility issues. Even International users can communicate directly while also avoiding regional carrier up charges.
• A Universal Loyalty and Rewards Program which covers all activities performed through the environment by a single user across time, place, and all their mobile and non-mobile devices, including phones, tablets, home computers, hands free in-vehicle systems, even future generations of smart cars and personal mobile devices.
• Automated Selling, Marketing, and Custom Program Services: Local, regional, national, and international businesses can conduct completely automated location-based selling, promotions, or other programs that range from community, social responsibility, and branding initiatives, to secure supply chain, external, or internal communications and document sharing, to new product introductions, consumer point of purchase product upsells and swap sells, even targeted behavioral marketing campaigns for any owned or distributed products and services.
• Rich Data Collection: All such commercial programs are automatically tracked, can be executed anonymously by one or more transaction participants, and include automatic capture of detailed program, behavioral, and performance information, all available in the cloud.

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In preparation for the upcoming public announcement, the filing of related trademarks is underway. Additional patents will be filed that protect more specific, niche uses of the environment, its technology, methods, and processes.

The SDA’s Safe Driving App, which was developed by E1T and uses standard environment services, offers a new approach to managing dangerous Mobile Distractions. It is the ONLY app that ensures driver accountability for both driving habits AND app use while driving. Another unique feature encourages usage and safe driving behavior through a “location and activity aware” rewards and loyalty program brought to you by EMU.

The anti-texting / anti-distraction, SDA mobile application has been launched for iPhones at the Apple App Store, Google/Android at the Google Play Store and Blackberry phones and mobile devices.

Steven Meister, the President and CEO of E1T says, “Right out of the box, our strategic partnerships have delivered the smartest, most powerful, safe driving mobile app available today, while also giving our business partners the ability to communicate rewards and special deals through this unique, patent pending, non-distracting, non-invasive communication system. The more people that use the SDA Safe Driving App, the more lives will be saved. While app users will enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts, we all will benefit instantly from decreased impact of economic loss caused by lost lives, property damage, higher insurance premiums, and providing EMS and long term care to victims of distracted driving accidents in our own, local communities.”

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About Safe Driving Association
The Safe Driving Association was founded in 2012 to encourage responsible driving practices. The SDA believes that technology will drive improvement of safe driving practices worldwide. With so many technical solutions currently under development, the industry’s piecemeal approach seemed to overlook the quickest, most effective solution: one that delivers both familiarity and low cost to users and also is easy to deploy and maintain. As a result, the SDA was formed with the mission to inform, promote, advocate, and facilitate safe driving practices domestically and around the world …and today’s safe driving app was born. The SDA expects the high quality and effectiveness of its App, together with its ever-increasing membership benefits, to catalyze rapid adoption by drivers around the world. Other member benefits include an information portal where members can educate themselves about pertinent and varied issues surrounding the epidemic of distracted driving and its high cost to their families, communities and to society. In addition, the SDA offers members the first ever “location and activity aware” rewards and loyalty program. The SDA provides consulting services, safe driving programs, custom training programs, and social responsibility programs for small firms and enterprise businesses. As part of its mission, the SDA sponsors new and promising technological innovation, like development of the Safe Driving App, to facilitate adoption of safe driving practices around the world.

Contact: Paul Wemlinger 414-202-9677 [email protected] twitter@pwemlinger

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About EveryoneTexts Inc.

E1T specializes in smart phone and tablet applications development. E1T is devoted to creating market leading innovation for the safety and convenience of its customers and partners. E1T’s mission is to offer easy-to-use practical solutions that keep customers safer, meet their real, daily needs, and offer legally compliant safe driving solutions that protect their jobs, property, and families.

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EMU specializes in smart phone and tablet applications development. EMU is devoted to creating market leading innovation for social media, e-commerce, and Deals and Rewards applications for the convenience of its customers and partners. EMU’s mission is to innovate and create easy-to-use, practical solutions that keep individuals, customers, employees, and businesses communicating through friend to friend, consumers to consumer, business to business, and consumer to business relationships that are “always on,” “location aware,” and with privacy protection. EMU delivers interesting content safely, to meet the real, daily needs of its customers, and provide its customers with legal and industry compliant communications and commerce solutions that add true value to their lives.

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