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E-cigarettes Are Helping Men And Women To Stop Smoking And Save Money.

Last updated Monday, September 9, 2013 15:14 ET

If you are addicted to smoking and worried about your health, then you should start thinking about switching over to e-cigarettes

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E-cigarettes are helping men and women to stop smoking and save money. Cigarettes have been around for longer than we can remember and one of the major problems with cigarettes is the addiction that they bring and the huge cost that the addiction is costing men and women who have failed to give up smoking. Thanks to VaporCottage.com who are offering 10% discount as well as free shipping on all of their electronic cigarettes products including the eliquid that is needed, men and women are able to switch from normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes and save a great deal of money.

The European Respiratory Society, have said that e-cigarettes are a great way to help people to give up smoking and reduces the cost that people spend on normal cigarettes.

A study was done by the University of Auckland, in New Zealand who conducted the first clinical trial comparing the devices with nicotine patches in 657 people.

The university study found that e-cigarettes were more effective to help people to give up smoking that patches. They study found that 7.3% of people using e-cigarettes had given up smoking after six months compared with 5.8% who used patches to give up smoking.

Prof Chris Bullen, from the University of Auckland, said: "It certainly seems that e-cigarettes were more effective in helping smokers who didn't quit to cut down.It's also interesting that the people who took part in our study seemed to be much more enthusiastic about e-cigarettes than patches.”

Many health experts believe e-cigarettes are the way forward in reducing the number of people around the world who are addicted to smoking.

A study by In2town Lifestyle Magazine found that e-cigarettes gave the same pleasure as a normal cigarette gave to people who were addicted to smoking.

According to the study done where they asked 100 people to experience the E-cigarette:

46 people said that smoking the the electronic cigarettes did make them feel they were smoking a real cigarette
44 of the men and women who tried the electronic cigarette said the electronic cigarette was giving them the same pleasure as a real cigarette
48 people said after smoking the electronic cigarette they did not have the erg to smoke another cigarette
42 people said they felt by smoking an electronic cigarette it would help them to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoked in a day and help them to reduce the amount of money they spent on cigarettes.
38 people thought the electronic cigarette could eventually help them to stop smoking real cigarettes and help them to become healthier.

VaporCottage.com spoke to one of their customers, Kelly Soutar, 33, who was smoking 40 cigarettes a day to find out how the change from normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes had helped her.

Kelly Soutar said: “I have been smoking cigarettes since the age of 16 and have tried many times to stop smoking but nothing has ever worked. When I came across e-cigarettes and VaporCottage.com I was not convinced that I could make the switch from normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes but I was shocked when I tried the e-cigarette.”

As many people have experienced, e-cigarettes bring the same pleasure as normal cigarettes but the huge difference is the cost and the health benefits that e-cigarettes bring.

Kelly explained:”I was spending a great deal of money with my smoking habit but thanks to e-cigarettes and VaporCottage.com I am finding that I have a great deal more money in my pocket to spend on luxuries instead of buying cigarettes from the shop. It is not just the money I save which is amazing it is also many other benefits that e-cigarettes bring”

As Kelly explained, she was spending a great deal of money each week on cigarettes but thanks to VaporCottage.com and their e-cigarettes she was saving herself a great deal of money, but as Kelly explained she found many other great benefits from smoking e-cigarettes, these included:

1. She feels a lot healthier
2. When she smoked normal cigarettes she would wake up in the morning with a lot of phlegm, that no longer happens thanks to e-cigarettes
3. People use to notice her yellow finger tips with smoking normal cigarettes and the smell that cigarettes would create, she no longer has that problem with e-cigarettes
4. e-cigarettes do not stain her teeth
5. She is able to smoke e-cigarettes anywhere including restaurants and airports

E-cigarettes allow you to smoke where normal cigarettes do not allow which includes airports, restaurants, shops and cinemas.

By visiting VaporCottage.com where you can receive a 10% discount on all products including free shipping, you will be able to give up smoking normal cigarettes and start smoking e-cigarettes which will allow you to have more money in your pocket. Use PROMO CODE GET10NOW on checkout.

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