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Book Publisher MindStir Media Continues To Grow During Tough Economic Times

Last updated Thursday, September 19, 2013 23:59 ET

While many book publishers and businesses in the U.S. are seeing a decline in revenue and profits, MindStir Media is enjoying healthy growth.

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When J. J. Hebert founded MindStir Media in 2009, the U.S. economy was most definitely still in a recession. Some argue that the Great Recession is still affecting U.S. businesses today, especially those with significant overhead. And with Obamacare taking effect in less than a month, Mr. Hebert counts himself fortunate that MindStir Media will be virtually unaffected.

“From the start, I knew that MindStir would have to do something creative in its operations in order to become profitable and remain profitable,” said J. J. Hebert. “My company isn’t a traditional book publishing company; we’re more of a self-publishing company. My business offers authors what I call ‘Mind-Stirringly Easy Book Publishing’ for a fee.”

MindStir handles the book design, printing, ebook conversion, distribution and essentially all other aspects of book publishing for the author.

“Of course, there a quite a few companies out there offering full-service book publishing services,” Mr. Hebert continued, “but the biggest thing that sets MindStir apart from the rest is that my authors work directly with a bestselling author – me – and I offer ongoing mentoring.”

The mentorship offered to authors isn’t the only part of the company that stands out. MindStir has also embraced social media, search engine marketing and other Internet marketing strategies, along with hiring vetted contractors and virtual assistants, keeping overhead extremely low.

“We have over 40,000 highly targeted fans and followers between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest,” Hebert added. “Social media is a game-changer and I owe much of MindStir’s success to the communities we’ve created on those social media platforms, among others. We’re able to touch a lot of lives with inspirational content through social media and gain a lot of clients at the same time… Because MindStir uses professional contractors and virtual assistants instead of dozens of employees, I’m able to offer competitive pricing and enjoy healthy growth as well…”

MindStir has enjoyed over 100% in revenue growth each year since 2009. In 2012, MindStir saw over 200% revenue growth year-over-year. Mr. Hebert is projecting similar growth in the coming years.

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About MindStir Media:
MindStir Media is a full-service self-publishing company that offers Mind-Stirringly Easy Book Publishing ™. MindStir’s publishing services include mentoring from a bestselling author; custom book design; royalties up to 100%; publishing in paperback, hardcover, and ebook; book distribution and marketing. Visit the publisher's website at www.MindStirMedia.com.