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Are You One of the 40 Million Americans with a Credit Error?

Last updated Wednesday, September 25, 2013 10:04 ET

Trinity Credit Services understands the consequences of small errors on credit scores, and we are here to provide credit repair help to those in need.

McKinney, USA, 09/25/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Many people do not realize they are in need of credit repair help. In fact, the majority of today’s population remains oblivious to the notion that numerous credit reports have fallen victim to the inclusion of errors. In February 2013, Business Insider reports that over 40 million Americans possess credit reports comprised of inaccurate information. This appalling statistic demonstrates why it is important for consumers to monitor their credit reports, especially in relation to the three main credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Trinity Credit Services understands the gravity of consequences that “small” errors can place on credit scores. Penalties such as higher interest rates or inability to qualify for new loans can arise from information reported incorrectly to credit bureaus, and Trinity Credit Services is here to provide credit repair help for those in need.

Most errors are innocent in nature. They occur due to a mishap, usually as a result of incidences such as:

• Applications for credit under different names (e.g. Robert Jones vs. Bob Jones).
• Clerical errors in reading or entering names or addresses from handwritten applications
• Inaccurate social security numbers and other personal identification information
• Loan or credit card payments that are inadvertently applied to wrong accounts

Of course, errors and inaccurate information on credit reports could also be the outcome of deliberate falsification from actions such as identity theft. What makes these matters worse is that many Americans only check their credit history when they are preparing to make a large purchase; these errors then linger on credit reports for extended periods of time and occasionally make removal more difficult. Hence, it remains imperative that consumers check their credit reports regularly to ensure that they remain free of detrimental errors, and to facilitate the removal of errors that do arise in a timely fashion.

Trinity Credit Services works to combat credit report errors (both accidental and intentional) in an effort to improve credit history. If you currently suffer from inaccurate information included on your credit report, contact us today for rapid assistance with credit repair help.