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Clear Sky partnership calls for global collaboration to overcome online piracy

Last updated Wednesday, October 2, 2013 09:10 ET

Leading media groups call for international co-operation to end major brand advertising on pirate sites

10/02/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The Clear Sky content partnership - a cooperative set up by leading Ukrainian media groups - has called for global collaboration and transparency in the fight against online piracy, urging participation by rights owners, global brands and content publishers alike.

Highlighting proactive anti-piracy measures ongoing in Ukraine, Russia, and other Eastern countries, Clear Sky - formed in July 2013 - is spearheading a campaign to develop a global market that is mutually beneficial for rights holders, users and online businesses.

Committed to fighting piracy in the Ukraine, the partnership believes the most effective route is to coordinate international efforts, advocating a raft of pan-international reviews to create watertight legislation and transparent practices.

Taking a more holistic, inclusive approach - involving rights owners, publishers, brands and consumers - to fighting online piracy, Clear Sky proposes combining industry self regulation; the introduction of more effective legislation; and the delivery of initiatives to encourage a change in consumer behaviour in Eastern countries.

Having identified two key areas that directly contribute to the growth in Ukraine’s piracy problem, Clear Sky believes malpractice within global online advertising and the ambiguity surrounding the wider digital environment are key factors enabling piracy to flourish while undermining counter measures.

Keen to address the perception of Ukraine being a major perpetrator and incubator for online piracy, the partnership has demanded an urgent audit of the global online advertising practices of some of the world’s largest brands in order to support its domestic efforts.

“By failing to address the issue of online ads being placed on sites publishing pirated content in Ukraine and in other countries, recent initiatives cease at the borders of the US and the UK.

“Clear Sky is calling for international collaboration to ensure anti-piracy efforts are optimised by changing the status quo, a situation that sees brands - sometimes unwittingly - fuelling the illicit revenue of these sites and consequently exacerbating the global problem,” said Pavel (Paul) Mykolyuk - the director of the law firm Vindex, industry expert and key member of the Clear Sky content partnership.

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