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Last updated Wednesday, October 2, 2013 15:50 ET

Our company is taking advantage of platforms like IMDB, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to engage your projects with an audience in real time.

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Social Media Marketing for Film and Music Industry


From an entertainment marketing standpoint, social media marketing provide a huge opportunity for filmmakers, producers and music industry people to get consumers engaged with their brand.
Through a comprehensive social strategy, our company is taking advantage of platforms like imdb, youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to engage your projects with an audience in real time.

We are seeing a huge increase in entertainment marketing, particularly in regards to the growing adoption of social media within the film and music industry.
Musicians are utilizing a variety of social channels to connect with and create more fans. Today, it would be very difficult to sell records without a digital-savvy team in place, gaining fan support behind the scenes.

Social media it’s also a powerful outlet for a film and TV shows. By increasing viewer conversation and buzz around the show as well as voter participation.
Currently top ranked social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

For the film industry the ultimate marketing goal is to create a brand and entice viewers into a theater in a relatively short amount of time. From big Blockbuster films to low budget independent projects the industry is embracing social media.

For the past 2 years Hollywood has imdb, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Network outlets to work with. The film industry is using social media to create alternate reality campaigns, build awareness, connect with fans, promote products, and reshape the industry.

Viral alternate reality campaigns have also been a growing trend in the last ten years that have brought aspects of film into the real world. Such campaigns have grown to be extremely intricate and heavily involved through the use of social media.

Historically, film viewers had to go to the theater to see the trailers for upcoming films. Then television show commercial breaks were used to introduce trailers to the world. In the last decade, social media sites, like YouTube, have allowed those interested to watch trailers online.

Another way studios have begun to connect with consumers is through Facebook applications. Such applications offer a new way to engage audiences and even sell tickets.
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