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Jayne Rios Selected as “Blogging” Expert for Women’s Toolbox Conf.

Last updated Wednesday, October 2, 2013 14:26 ET

Ms. Rios will be Speaking at the 2013 Conference in Massachusetts

10/02/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Jayne Rios, Founder & CEO of Express Yourself eLearning, KungFuzos Marketing & Video and Acts 2 Technology has been selected by Women’s Toolbox to offer her expertise in digital marketing, and specifically in corporate blogging. She will share her knowledge as a speaker October 16-18 at the conference, ”Women in Business: The Backbone of a Global Economy.”

This year’s annual Women's Toolbox Conference is co-hosted by Endicott College, Office of Alumni Relations and IBM, and will be held at the Wylie Conference Center in Beverly, Massachusetts, outside of Boston.

The Women’s Toolbox, founded in 2008, is the premier destination for women in business. Its tagline, “Where Women in Business Find the Information They Need to Succeed,” illustrates the organization’s mission to empower and educate women. Led by Chief Executive Connector, Janet Powers, the organization offers its members a strong, supportive network and powerful voice. As its name implies, the Women’s Toolbox provides a veritable toolbox for its growing member community of well-educated, talented and diverse women.

“I am honored to have been selected as a speaker and expert in corporate blogging,” said Jayne Rios. “Corporations are missing a big opportunity to reach their customers through employee blogging. In fact, statistics show that corporations that blog regularly receive 55 percent more website traffic than corporations without blogs." Ms. Rios continues, “Our programs provide corporations the tools to create or improve their blogs, attract more readers and get more results.”

The Women’s Toolbox organization is respected by some of the largest corporations in the nation, such as IBM, who utilize the expertise of member women in such fields as digital marketing, sales training and motivation. For more information: http://womenstoolbox.com/annualconference/

About Jayne Rios
Jayne is a charismatic visionary with expertise in video, online marketing and eLearning. She is a sought-after speaker, the author of The Interactive Author, Integrating Video into the Marketing Mix, Interactive Author ecourse, and Interactive Author Mastermind, and co-author of Network to Increase Your Net Worth, released October 1 on Amazon. Jayne coaches speakers, authors and trainers on turning their message into an empowered online business using video. She is married to a prime time TV news director and the mother of two young boys. In her spare time she is a cub scout den leader, coach of Little League Baseball and a life-skills mentor.