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Haiti and “Polisario”: Another blow to the Separatists

Last updated Friday, October 11, 2013 12:27 ET

The government of Haïti announced the official withdrawal of its recognition of the “sadr”

10/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The Polisario isolation at the international level became even worse. This is due to the Republic of Haiti’s recent decision to withdraw its recognition of the “Sahrawi republic”. An entity strongly recommended by the Polisario and supported by Algeria, but which has never been recognized by the UNO, neither by any European State or any state from North America. Today, few African countries and some others from South of America which had recognized this “Republic on paper” within the cold war context, start reconsidering their decision which they judge to be hasty.

According to the statement, “this decision seeks to facilitate the process aiming at resolving this issue at the UN Security Council and support the efforts of the Secretary General and his Special Envoy to reach a political, lasting and mutually acceptable solution.

Similarly, the Government of the Republic of Haiti “encourages the parties to continue negotiations in good faith, to preserve the momentum generated by the Moroccan proposal to grant a status of autonomy to the Sahara region and reach a solution, based on realism and a spirit of compromise in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations”, says the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This is yet another blow to the separatists, who have lost in the recent years their credibility. The whole world returned to its sense and realized that the conflict in the Southern territories of Morocco is nothing but a result of the cold war era. Moreover, the “Polisario Front’s” ties with number of organized groups in the region of Sahel represents a serious concern to the security and stability in North Africa and Europe’s interests.

The Haitian decision to withdraw its recognition of the separatists worsened their international isolation, which mainly due to the extensive Moroccan diplomacy which has been very active in the recent years in the Africa and South America, where many countries have in the past recognized the Front. Now only few satellite countries with no regional or international influence recognize this group of nomads and mercenaries, and hopefully with new strategies of the new Moroccan Foreign Minister, more countries will withdraw their recognition.

It is important that Moroccan diplomacy be more active in areas wherein there are many separatists’ sympathizers. Morocco has to promote at every level its proposed plan to solve the conflict as the sole reasonable solution that would bring stability to the entire region.