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Maui Based Tutoring Company Earns International Expansion

Last updated Friday, October 11, 2013 15:23 ET

WooHawaii (Windows of Opportunity Hawaii) Tutoring easrns highly coveted international franchising contract.

Kihei, HI , US, 10/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

WooHawaii (Windows of Opportunity Hawaii) Tutoring beat out over 30,000 other U.S. educational services companies this week as the sole recipient of a highly coveted international franchising contract. Under the agreement, the full-service academic tutoring and homeschooling agency will expand its Hawaii-based services to include the initial opening of 77 privately owned and operated centers in the U.S. Future sales are projected to include over 250 learning centers in the U.S. and U.K. by 2015. Centers will be named for the communities they serve—i.e., WooNewYork Tutoring, etc.—and will uniformly adhere to the company’s rigorous standards.

WooHawaii was founded in 2005 by single fathers David Barber and Thomas Beran to address the dire educational needs of their own children, as well as those of countless other local families. The two friends set out to offer their community the highest-quality educational services available at affordable rates. They successfully designed and implemented a business strategy to achieve these goals, offering what Operations Director David Barber describes as “the best tutoring value in the U.S.”

WooHawaii’s award-winning educational model employs a multi-faceted, quantifiable and flexible approach to address the academic strengths and challenges of each student. Students are paired with instructors from the company’s database of over two hundred carefully screened tutors. Teaching staff then administer online core-subject assessments to create a learning plan in response to each student’s unique academic needs. This methodology actively supports students in building the reading comprehension, critical reasoning and organizational skills needed for academic and professional success.

WooHawaii has helped thousands of students overcome the challenges of a limited public school system, giving rise to success stories like that of rising baseball star Mark Karaviotis. Like many high school athletes, Mark soon learned the importance of keeping up his grades if he was serious about attending a top-tier college. Realizing the need to support their son in his learning, Mark’s parents decided to bring him to WooHawaii. Four years of dedicated instruction lifted all of Mark’s grades to As and Bs, enabling the young athlete to achieve his childhood dream of playing college baseball when he was accepted to the University of Oregon in November 2012 with a scholarship.

WooHawaii’s educational philosophy of student-centered learning provides a positive alternative to traditional educational environments, in which students who fall behind often drop out. Whereas Hawaii public school classrooms often number 30 or more students, WooHawaii’s student-to-teacher ratio is capped at just 5-to-1. These smaller class sizes minimize distractions while ensuring increased accountability among academic staff.

Rather than compelling students to absorb material through a single standardized method, WooHawaii’s educational strategy allows tutors to take education a step beyond academics. Tutoring staff recognize the critical importance of creating teacher-student rapport and building each student’s confidence in his or her own ability to learn. By bringing compassion to the classroom and encouraging the free and creative exploration of ideas, tutors work to create an environment of trust in which authentic learning can occur.

Encompassing both group-based and individual instruction, WooHawaii’s services are provided at state-of-the-art learning centers, via mobile tutoring at students’ homes and schools, or online using web-based technologies. The company’s educational offerings include concierge tutoring services for travelers and part-time island residents. WooHawaii partners with accredited curriculum providers such as George Washington University and industry leader K12 to administer independent private schooling. Test preparation services are also offered for students taking the ASVAB, SAT, ACT and GED.

Lastly, WooHawaii’s award-winning online tutoring portal actively includes parents in the education process by allowing them to review assessment results, manage schedules, contact teachers and monitor account billing. The system also enables tutors to communicate with families by sending academic progress notes and homework assignments after each tutoring session, including comments on each student’s academic improvements and challenges. To make services more affordable for the local community, the company offers interest-free financing and flexible rates and schedules for local families and college students.

Such time-proven strategies ensure that WooHawaii remains poised to play a leading role in shaping the next generation of leaders and bringing hope to families worldwide. This latest development of its franchising potential promises to increase the company’s resources exponentially, augmenting WooHawaii’s ability to positively impact students’ lives long into the future.

For more information, please visit www.woohawaii.com or call (808) 344-8468.

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