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Renaissance man: Zion Antoni: The Urban Cry LLC

Last updated Tuesday, October 15, 2013 22:14 ET


BRONX NY , UNITED STATES , 10/15/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

A vision is always a vision of excellence when its pursued relentless, and when its fulfilled by its elements. This is the profile of a man and company under a conviction. Founded By freelance Journalist/ Grassroots recording artist Zion Antoni in 2007, it was initially geared to be an asset among the Grassroots/Non profit industries. Its corporate interest held the power of solidarity, and the tongue and reason of diplomacy to social issues in America.

“My passions of Music and Writing were already harnessed, already progressive” Zion says. “To combine the two for education, and social reform is the true essence of my business”. The Urban Cry LLC, unique in its nature, has shape shifted beyond confines of independent music, and has created a surge throughout the freelance world, covering issues from politics, social issues, incarceration and other. Its imprint can be seen via social media platforms, forums, having influence in grassroots matters, communities, and educational purposes. Zion Antoni, its founder and chairman, continues to gear the Urban Cry, among the grassroots industries, securing insightful publishing, effectual freelancing and a progressive recording career. “There are two pillars to my company, Diplomacy and Solidarity. “A supplemental effort in a world where war and conflict is evident, and solidarity where communities are most war torn by its issues.” “Call me a Renaissance man, I do believe in social reform, and a Renaissance where change is most needed.”