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Good People - Socialprenuer Tony Sutton Has A Great Idea!!!

Last updated Friday, October 18, 2013 18:42 ET

Fresh Perspective from a New Social Enterprise

Philadelphia, 10/18/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

It's not just helping everyday people or real people with real problems. Good People are having a whole lot of fun in the process also!!! Good People is a great new charity organization running around Philadelphia spreading kindness to others. They call themselves the Good People Group. Their About Us Page states, that everyone can use a community hug sometimes. Therefore, they have started providing social service programs like: Teen Professional Development, SAT preparation classes and even an Essay Writing Program all of which come secondary to the main hub of their social charity model. Giving stuff to people randomly!!!! Founder, Tony Sutton has a fresh take on charity programs. " I believe a more human touch needs to be given to the actual donor, typically the average donor does not get to visually or in any other manner participate or get to see where their actual dollar has gone." Good People are trying to have it where they too get to share in the giving, as opposed to only getting that warm fuzzy feeling inside in simply writing a check."

Good People takes pride in helping people who are barely able to keep their heads above water, the not so fun facts are households earning middle-income are steadily decreasing. To serve as a distraction the Good People group give hugs to complete strangers, give water to random joggers in Center City Philadelphia and send thank you letters to teachers by going to homes and handing out the letter to any child in the household to give to their teacher the next day. They know their not changing the world but still believe in the old adage "a little bit of kindness goes a long way."

Good People are issuing a call-to-action mobilizing people throughout Philadelphia to participate in one of their many giving campaigns, "Good People Christmas Give." In which some deserving family (while Christmas shopping) will receive the total amount of money donated that evening. They are going to collect the money right there in the parking lot and then surprise a random shopper!!! They are using social media to have all their friends, volunteers and the general public come out and donate. The unknown location will be announced the day of the event on December 20th, 2013. Individuals who would like to participate are invited to visit the Good People website, www.goodpeoplegroup.org, or call 267-581-2612 to learn more about this event and all of their many programs designed to encourage kindness and help real people.