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Primo Espresso – In Pursuit of the Perfect Breakfast

Last updated Tuesday, October 22, 2013 13:25 ET

Making breakfast perfect

10/22/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

In the quest to enjoy a productive and successful day, it is crucial that you start it with a healthy and nutritional breakfast.

This ancient piece of wisdom explains why Primo Espresso is so popular among local residents. Based at the heart of the Visalia community in California, it straddles a busy metropolitan hub between Mineral King Avenue and Akers Street, which is always well populated by commuters who are searching from a thirst and hunger quenching breakfast on the way to work. Serving this huge audience as a cosmopolitanism and forward thinking coffee house, Primo Espresso has developed a food and drink menu to help the region's workers to experience an outstanding start to the day.

As with any proactive coffee house worth its salt, Primo Espresso has evolved far beyond serving standard beverages and cappuccinos. While coffee connoisseurs can still enjoy a basic latte or good old cup of American black, those with a more refined pallet can access a broader range of more suitable hot drinks. Including lattes flavored with delicacies such as vanilla, caramel and gingerbread, Primo Espresso serves up taste sensations to discerning customers who have a clear understanding of what they like.

In addition to this, Primo Espresso are also at the forefront of product innovation as a way of enriching its customers' experience. This drive recently saw the introduction of Cremoso – Italian cream sodas, which providing a refreshing alternative to hot beverages and feature mesmerising flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, cherry, vanilla and caramel. Also showcasing a delicious range of pastries, sandwiches and toasties, Primo Espresso is ideal whether you are looking to enjoy a refreshing breakfast or a light, nutritional lunch.

To find out more about Primo Espresso and its innovative menu, visit www.primodrivethru.com today. If you are looking to start your working day in the correct manner, Primo Espresso provides an ideal and affordable choice.

Alternately, you can reach Primo Espresso here: -

108 S. Akers St
Visalia, CA 93291

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(559) 739-1383

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