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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – The Fair and Orderly Plumber

Last updated Monday, October 28, 2013 16:56 ET

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While former American statesman Benjamin Franklin is well known for his 13 virtues, how have the plumbing company of the same name incorporated these into their business philosophy?

Now in its fourteenth year of trading, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has firmly established a reputation for diligent and principled workmanship. It is hardly surprising that this honest and trusted plumbing service has much in common with the former statesman who shares its name, as the foundation of the company is based on principles such as transparency, fairness and frugality. In short, it believes in delivering an empathetic, up-front and cost-effective service to clients, while respecting their time and personal living space.

Offering both commercial and residential plumbing services, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a Terre Haute based outlet that has been operating since the year 2000. In terms of the firm’s philosophy and values, it initially borrows from Benjamin Franklin by delivering a transparent and dedicated service to every single client. No job is too big or small, while you can rely on well trained and earnest staff members to complete each task to the best of their ability and it a time-effective manner.

Beyond this, the firm is also committed to supporting frugality. It has therefore implemented an entirely transparent and labor based pricing structure, which reflects the amount of work done rather than the time that it takes. This guarantees that your hard earned cash is paying for motivated and dedicated workers, who perform diligently in order to deliver a valuable service. In addition to this, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and its representatives also respect your precious time, and will remunerate you for every minute that they are late when attending to a call-out.

If you live in Terre Haute and are in need of a plumbing contractor, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing should be your first and only port of call. To find out more about the firm and its business philosophy, visit http://callbenjaminfranklinplumbing.com today.

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