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Broadway Professionals Launch MusicalMe Scare! just in time for Halloween

Last updated Monday, October 28, 2013 16:14 ET

New iPhone App Adds motion sensing technology to scare up a frightening scream on your mobile device.

New York, USA, 10/28/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Creators of MusicalMe Images, the original app designed to help users compose custom background music based on photos and images, has launched "MusicalMe Scare!" a new app in the App Store this week just in time for Halloween. This innovative app brings motion detection together with music to develop a "frightening" interactive experience.

“We use the motion sensing technology of the iPhone to adjust the pitch of the chosen sound. So that "scream sound" goes up and down in pitch as you tilt your phone.,” said Tom Polum, a partner along with Tamra Hayden and Jean Cheever in uSOUNDit Partners LLC, creator of MusicalMe Apps, a suite of ten apps that turn color and motion into music and sounds. “At last you can truly scare your friends with your phone!”.

Users can choose from screams, bats, ghosts, goblins, bells, howling, monster, witches, evil laughs, thunder and even a scary werewolf! Or choose the bells or any of the other 'scary patch' sounds and tilt your phone up or down to create a spooky musical instrument with your iPhone.

But beware, you just might scare yourself!

Just in time for Halloween.

The MusicalMe Scare! app is currently available in the App Store for free, and is compatible with all Apple products. To download any of the MusicalMe apps, visit MusicalMeApps.com or the App Store. For more information and to view tutorials for MusicalMe apps, visit MusicalMeApps.com.

About MusicalMe apps:
MusicalMe apps, created by uSOUNDit Partners LLC, uses patent pending technology created by musicians to bring an in-depth musical and visual experience that no other app in the marketplace provides. Our apps analyze the colors within an image and motion of the mobile device and translates them using algorithms to create melody and volume, notes, keys and pitches. MusicalMe apps provides a fun, spontaneous interactive experience for basic users, and a trailblazing composition opportunity for those more knowledgeable about music. uSOUNDit Partners LLC was formed in April 2012 by partners Tamra Hayden, Tom Polum and Jean Cheever. Hayden sings and plays in August Moons, a New York based duo, Tradition, Tartan & Tears, a Colorado based Celtic trio. Cheever and Polum are the lead producers of The Toxic Avenger, the award-winning musical comedy by Tony winners Joe DiPietro and David Bryan, and directed by Tony winner John Rando.