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US Tour: Non-Fiction Title "Among Murderers And Madness"

Last updated Thursday, October 31, 2013 16:35 ET

AP credentialed satellite media tour is currently underway for Non-Fiction Author Sonny Long.

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Texas-based author Sonny Long writes what he knows about, and he knows true crime.

Whether tweeting from the courthouse or exchanging snail mail with convicted murderers, Long takes readers inside the courtrooms and behind the scenes. He is there seeing the emotions, the actions and reactions, as cases unfold. Unlike many true crime authors, as a newspaper reporter, Long lives and works in the towns where these crimes are committed. There might not be bright city lights or dozens of television cameras there, but Long is. Even in small towns, crime brings out anger and fear, tears are shed and lives changed forever. His ability to connect to the principal characters – on both sides of a case ¬-- gives readers a unique perspective of not only legal proceedings, but how real people are affected by real events that have altered their existence. After more than two decades covering countless cases, Long not only reports the facts as they come to light, he also writes from his heart and from his bones.

That is illustrated clearly by the reaction to Long’s first true crime book, “Among Murderers and Madness,” about the triple homicide of an East Texas family that went unsolved for almost 20 years. The book elicited this response from a family member of the victims: “You know you are my hero and I love you very much for your dedication to this family.” Long’s second true crime book – tentatively titled “The Twilight Rapist and Other True Crime Stories” -- recapping and updating some of the most unusual and interesting cases he’s covered in his career is planned for release in 2014. Long is also the co-author of “Bad News for McEnroe” (St. Martin’s Press 2004) with former professional tennis player Bill Scanlon and independently published two books, a collection of poetry and short stories and a collection of newspaper columns. Married in June 2012, Long lives in Victoria, Texas with his wife, her parents and two dogs. The Army veteran is a graduate of Auburn University with a Masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin.