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Lose Live Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for the Homeless

Last updated Tuesday, November 5, 2013 14:59 ET

2 social entrepreneurs working together for a shared-common purpose: making the world a better place, one act at a time.

Atlanta, USA, 11/05/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Lose Live Inc. launched a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website, which is focused on raising money to help decrease the ever growing number of homeless people at the intersection of Courtland and Pine. The organization has done outreach previously at this intersection, which is considered home to 700+ on any given night. Some are lucky enough to grab a place on the floor of the Task Force Shelter, but many sleep on cardboard boxes or benches or even on the bare ground. Lose Live has developed a plan to give individuals who are willing and determined, a new beginning.

The campaign they have launched on Indiegogo will run for 45 days and seeks to raise $50,000. The funds from the campaign with go directly into the implementation of the program to transition individuals from the homeless community to being self-sufficient tax paying citizens beginning Jan 1, 2014.

“As a member of the community, it is our duty to care for those in need. We have all experienced the need for the assistance of others. As a vested member of this community, it is time to pay it forward. If we, the community, continue to ignore our fallen neighbors and allow them to remain residents of the streets, no one will prosper. We all LOSE when we don’t help each other LIVE. Lose Live CEO Kyion Williams says, “Be the change we so desperately need and help us in elevating this community.”

The campaign will also produce a documentary that will raise awareness of this growing epidemic at their 2014 Conference with current and future corporate partners. This campaign has legs and is walking Atlanta into a new direction.

About Lose Live

Lose Live is a community investment firm that serves as an advisor to individuals, companies and nonprofits who seek to invest in their community’s social change. Our firm’s vision is to enable passionate community leaders to invest in their communities for sustainable global impact. Through a need based platform with numerous facets, Lose Live will generate investments (charitable contributions) by its innovative collaborative marketing techniques, caused-based advertising opportunities, and corporate and community partnerships. The demand on nonprofits is steadily increasing while the supply of funding remains insufficient. Lose Live stands on one principle; together we can’t LOSE if we help each other LIVE better.