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EDA Playground brings Verilog simulation and waveform viewer to web browser

Last updated Monday, November 11, 2013 17:13 ET

Victor EDA released EDA Playground, the first online Verilog simulation environment and waveform viewer for the semiconductor industry

Austin, 11/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Victor EDA today released EDA Playground, a web browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) for Verilog simulation. EDA Playground is a free web application that allows users to edit, simulate, share, and view waves for hardware description language (HDL) code. It is the first online HDL development environment and waveform viewer for the semiconductor industry. EDA Playground can be accessed at http://www.edaplayground.com

"EDA Playground gives engineers immediate hands-on exposure to SystemVerilog and Verilog simulation. Our goal is to accelerate the learning of design and testbench development by creating a platform for sharing best practices, and by providing easy access to EDA tools and libraries," said Victor Lyuboslavsky, the founder of Victor EDA. "EDA Playground is specifically designed for small prototypes and examples. It supplements existing EDA tools and flows. Our focus is on quick results and ease-of-use. With a simple click, launch the Verilog simulation and see console output in real time. With another click, launch the waveform viewer."

EDA Playground has been in alpha testing for several months, and early users have used it for:
-- creating hands-on training for students
-- demonstrating best practices to other engineers
-- asking Verilog simulation questions on StackOverflow and other online forums
-- testing candidates' coding skills during technical interviews
-- quick prototyping, before inserting the code into a large code base

Victor EDA is actively seeking partners to integrate additional tools into EDA Playground. In addition to Verilog simulation and waveform viewer, future tools will include formal verification, synthesis, and linting.

About Victor EDA
Victor EDA, founded in 2013, is a software development company focusing on web-based productivity tools for design and verification engineers in the semiconductor industry.

For more information on EDA Playground or Victor EDA please contact:
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