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Automated Income App - The Simple Solution to Automated Forex Trading

Last updated Tuesday, November 12, 2013 18:55 ET

New software released Nov. 11th 2013 Automated Income App helps Forex Traders achieve more success faster and easier.

Dade City, United States, 11/12/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Many people eager to try Forex trading rush into it without a real plan, enamored by expectations of fast and easy money. Their hopes are often quickly dashed, with most newcomers abandoning their dream soon after, more confused (and broke) then when they started. Successful Forex traders avoid the mistakes most Forex traders make. Before discussing solutions, it's pertinent to understand the underlying problems associated with Forex trading.

Over trading: New Forex traders tend to open orders beyond their risk limits. This is due to not having a proper trading plan, spending too many hours in front of the computer, and not understanding how to utilize their capital carefully. Studies have shown that too much time focused on the screen will drastically lower ability to accurately analyze the market, and create pressure to make a trade even when there are no signals suggesting a trade is a sensible option.

Too many simultaneous trades: This over-eager strategy can impair concentration, create stress, and disrupt proper chart analysis. Emotional trauma will follow losses, leading to a cycle of wrong decisions as Forex traders quickly attempt to recoup their losses.

Euphoric emotions: The joy associated with successful trading can also be a precursor to failure. This is due to euphoria blinding Forex traders and making them feel they can do no wrong. The end result is that they are prone to ignore market analysis and enter into a cycle of bad trading.

Undisciplined trading: Not maintaining trading discipline will inevitably lead to consecutive trading losses affecting a Forex traders confidence. Giving in to greed will result in pulling out of winning trades too early and allowing losing trades to spiral out of control.

Leverage mismanagement: The degree of financial leverage offered to Forex traders offers a false sense of wealth and creates risk factors. Leverage creates an opportunity for good returns, but conversely, is also amplified in potential losses. When leverage is not properly managed, Forex traders may experience the euphoria of massive gains followed by depressing and crippling losses.

The Solution: Free automated Forex trading software for Forex traders

The degree of commitment, learning, and time required to master Forex trading is beyond the capacity of most newcomers to trading. Fortunately, technology that has provided Forex trading opportunities can also be configured to solve Forex trading problems. Software developers working with advanced systems technology and analytical tools have eliminated all the above problems associated with Forex trading.

Bryan Miller's Automated Income App, is the new buzzword amongst Forex trading novices and experts alike. Independent reviewers are effusive in their endorsement, with Forex news sites also quickly catching on. The Automated Income App is a free program app for binary options where the potential return is known even before the trade is made, with start-up capital as little as $200 required.

The Automated Income App is set to turn the Forex trading world on its head, and offers beginners a short-cut to Forex trading success with a system that eliminates Forex trading problems and doesn't require long hours in front of the computer screen. Forex trading need no longer be an emotional roller-coaster, with Bryan Miller's Automated Income App distilling the key information for trading accuracy and greater profits.