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Just In Time, Semper Divina Acquisition Help Kick Off Black Friday

Last updated Thursday, November 21, 2013 11:08 ET

Semper Divina announces its acquisition of DTB Lingerie and The Lingerie Collection just in time for Black Friday.

Jacksonville, USA, 11/21/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

In response to its successful run on eBay, its popularity on Amazon, and its competitive marketplace on the internet, Semper Divina, LLC is pleased to announce its acquisition of DTB Lingerie and Accessories (dtblingerie.com). Along with the addition, Semper Divina has also debuted its new retail entity, The Lingerie Collection (lingeriecollection.org).

With tasteful designs and outstanding reviews on quality and price, DTB Lingerie and Accessories offers more variety and even more affordable prices. DTB Lingerie and Accessories offers an assortment of women’s apparel and accessories. It’s more than the average lingerie store! DTB Lingerie and Accessories has an assortment of evening gowns, lounge wear, club wear, bathing suits, along with lingerie for every occasion.

The Lingerie Collection offers over 20,000 name brand items ranging from shoes to costumes and all items in between. The Lingerie Collection offers competitive prices, unbeatable deals, and hard to find luxuries. Along with sales and reward incentives, The Lingerie Collection offers a Deal of the Day to its loyal customers. The item provided under the Deal of The Day is normally 30-60% off its normal sales price.

Semper Divina Clothing and Accessories (semperdivina.com) continues to provide a sophisticated collection of clothing, accessories, shoes, wigs, gowns, and more. In the last month, Semper Divina has changed its store front to provide a new and improved shopping experience. Along with the upgrade, Semper Divina Clothing and Accessories (along with DTB Lingerie and The Lingerie Collection - separately) will offer reward points to its registered shoppers. Each item details how many reward points can be earned upon its purchase, as well as, how many points can be used to purchase the item. Registered customers are able to view their rewards under “My Account”.

All stores in the Semper Divina are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and an unmatchable shopping experience. To increasingly raise the bar for its competitors, each store has a chat option available to visitors. Chat with an associate prior to making a purchase and buy with confidence. With competitive prices and continuous coupons, DTB Lingerie and Accessories, The Lingerie Collection, and Semper Divina want to be the resolution to any clothing and lingerie needs. They have something for everyone – no matter what shape or size.

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