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Jayne Rios, Expert Presenter at The Power of Women Profitability Telesummit

Last updated Sunday, November 24, 2013 20:59 ET

Popular author, speaker, entrepreneur shares "How to Monetize Your Message" during three-day event

Dallas, USA, 11/24/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Jayne Rios, CEO and Founder of the innovative eLearning platform, Express Yourself eLearning and video marketing company, KungFuzos, will be joining 20 other women experts for Judy Hoberman's three-day Telesummit, December 11-13, 2013. Ms. Rios is a thought leader in her field and an authority on turning a passion into a profitable business. The information she shares will be valuable, relevant and particularly timely as a new year approaches.

"I am not only excited to be presenting but to be learning from this amazing group of women with astute business-building skills," said Ms. Rios. "Judy Hoberman has put together an astonishing group of women; we all have something different to bring to the table. My topic is cutting-edge and changes every day as new digital products come available and new ways to align partnerships present themselves. It's difficult in a one-hour session to share all the different ways to make money online, but thankfully, my new book, The Interactive Author is coming out soon, and will pick-up where I leave off."

Some of the experts topics to be covered during the telesummit are: women at the forefront of today's business and financial world, how to monetize your message, business structuring, networking and connecting through partnership alliances, value-based leadership and team collaboration, empowerment for accelerated growth, turning passion into expert status and then profits, fiscal spending balance, strategies for opening doors to more income and exposure through social media.

"I designed this telesummit to be available to every woman who has a dream of owning their own business, or who has already started a business," explained Judy Hoberman. "It's free and involves no fuss, no travel, no drama. We all can relax in front of a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. My main goal, and the goal of all these extraordinary women who are donating their time to help others, is that the information shared will help chart a path for profitability in 2014."

To learn more or register for The Power of Women Profitability Telesummit go here: http://www.allwomenmeanbusiness.com.

About Jayne Rios
Jayne Rios has 25 years experience in TV and marketing. She is the CEO & Founder of three companies and owns an Intellectual Property elearning system. Her first company, KungFuzos Video Marketing, was founded in 2004. Years ahead of the hot new video trend that is sweeping the marketplace, Jayne proved herself a visionary entrepreneur. Jayne was recently nominated as one of three finalists for 2013 Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year by Today’s Innovative Woman for her eLearning Monetization Program.

Jayne is author of The Interactive Author: Monetize Your Message and co-author of Networking to Increase Your Net Worth and The Unsinkable Soul. She is an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart for serving. She is the wife of a prime time, major market TV Director, and the mother of two young boys. She is a cub scout leader, a baseball coach and a life skills coach for teens.

To contact Jayne Rios: http://www.expressyourselfelearning.com or email [email protected]