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Last updated Friday, November 29, 2013 07:27 ET

Subtitling is the textual version of commentary or dialog spoken in the films, TV programs and video games

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Subtitling is the textual version of commentary or dialog spoken in the films, TV programs and video games. Subtitling is displayed at the bottom and it can be either be the translated form of dialog in any foreign language or in the same language spoken in the video. Subtitling can be given with or without any added information. It depends on the client’s requirement like how they want the subtitling to be given in the video. Subtitling is very useful to the viewers who have hearing difficulties or deaf. They can follow the dialog spoken easily by reading the subtitling. Moreover, subtitling is also useful for people who cannot understand the language in which the video content is.

The subtitling for television can be hidden or displayed according to the viewer’s comfort. You can turn on or turn off subtitling by selecting the menu option in your TV. This text form of audio-visual content is displayed at the bottom of the television screen or on any other visual display.
There are two types of subtitling is used and they are pre-recording subtitling and live subtitling.

To describe about the pre-recording subtitling, this type of subtitling is based on translation and transcription of the dialog in the language you require. Based on the context, the subtitles for dialogs can be shortened due to time limitations and spatial limitations. Subtitling is given mostly for films and corporate videos which include training material and conferences. The information in the subtitle will help the viewer’s understand the information appropriately. Moreover, the subtitle in the same language as spoken in the video will help the viewers to understand strong accent and this type of subtitling is also called as closed captioning.

Describing about the live subtitling, this is also known as real time or online captioning. This type of subtitling is mostly required for live news, TV programs on any current affairs that is going on and sports programs. It is also widely used for talk shows on TV. This type of subtitling is becoming very popular due to its benefits that both the broadcaster and audience gain. Subtitling can be given for almost all types of TV programs regardless of pre-recorded or live.

Subtitling can be given in any languages. There are service providers who offer best subtitling services in almost all languages spoken globally. Subtitling can be given for documentaries, promotional clips and films. There are no limitations and therefore, subtitling can be given for audiovisual materials. Subtitling need to be done by experienced subtitlers who are knowledgeable in about the process and techniques to be used. Besides, the subtitlers being native speakers would be an added advantage to experience highest quality services. In this array, Closed Captioning US offers exceptional quality services for all types of subtitling. You can experience a quick subtitling service at an affordable cost in the industry. The services offered by them are competitive.