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Jayne Rios Launches New Book, "The Interactive Author" in January

Last updated Saturday, December 7, 2013 17:39 ET

Monetization Guru, Jayne Rios delivers the nuts and bolts of making money online through Digital Products

Frisco, USA, 12/07/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The Interactive Author is a phrase coined by Jayne Rios after helping authors and speakers monetize their message through online learning. Her successful company, Express Yourself eLearning, is just one of the vehicles Ms. Rios uses to help entrepreneurs take their business to a global market. She has combined her 20 plus years marketing and internet-based technology experience to produce a manual of how-to's and practical steps.

"This book is full of practical tips and how-to's that I used to grow my own businesses," said Ms. Rios. "There are so many opportunities online for people to take advantage of and I'm always amazed that so few people really do. I didn't produce a book that is big on theory, but one that gives concrete plans to monetize websites and turn them into money producing machines. You don't know what you don't know, so this books gives you the know!"

The Interactive Author takes the reader through defining and finding their market(s), changing their thinking from local to global, producing multiple revenue streams with digital products and the resources necessary to create, produce and distribute for the lowest possible cost.

"As an editor of The Interactive Author, I was able to take what I learned and set up affiliate accounts, add plug-ins to my wordpress site and set up a membership website," said Cheryl Lenamon. "Jayne goes into step-by-step detail, so even for someone who doesn't consider themselves online savvy, the book makes sense, and will be beneficial to multitudes."

To pre-order an autographed copy of The Interactive Author register here: http://expressyourselfelearning.com/pre-order-interactive-author/

About Jayne Rios
Jayne is Founder and CEO of Express Yourself eLearning, Kungfuzos Video Marketing, Acts 2 Technology and Love Means Forever. Jayne is a charismatic visionary with expertise in video, online marketing and eLearning. She is a sought-after speaker, a contributing author of Network to Increase Your Net Worth and The Unsinkable Soul, author of Integrating Video into the Marketing Mix, Interactive Author ecourse, and Interactive Author Mastermind. Jayne coaches speakers, authors and trainers on turning their message into an empowered online business using video and digital products.