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GroupPost – Simplified Group Messaging

Last updated Tuesday, December 10, 2013 12:04 ET

GroupPost is designed to provide a simple solution for the problems associated with disseminating information to members of community groups.

Boulder, United States, 12/10/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

GroupPost provides simple and private communications that allows organizers to quickly disseminate messages and updates while avoiding unnecessary spam for its users.

GroupPost provides several core benefits to users:

• Automatic Message Distribution – Each message is automatically sent by text, email, app, or through the website, according to each user’s preference.
• Privacy – Members of groups never have to share their contact information, no friending on Facebook, and can drop out of any group at any time.
• Public and Private Groups - Simple and private creation of virtual groups
• Spam Prevention – GroupPost allows group organizers to communicate easily with members without having to send multiple messages, but limits the ability to “reply all” or send unneeded messages to each other in order to reduce spam.

GroupPost was created by a Dennis R. Boren, an entrepreneur and attorney. Having been involved with numerous community organizations and businesses, he realized the need to make group communications simpler and more efficient.

GroupPost is designed around short-term and ongoing groups that require a lot of coordination, but that are often hard to organize. This could include a single volunteer project, or an ongoing summer sports league. As people join or leave groups, the GroupPost system will automatically adjust the recipient list of messages, meaning that admins never have to manually update their own records or spam former members.

“We wanted to create a simple way to organize and communicate with groups without the obligations of a social network,” said Dennis Boren, president of GroupPost. “GroupPost is not Facebook. GroupPost is a simple ‘message once’ service that makes sending group communications easy, rather than requiring a complicated process.”

Even better, GroupPost makes it easy to manage membership. Members can join (or request access to private groups) and leave whenever they need. Anyone can also create groups through the website or through the app, as well invite and remove members quickly and easily. If you still receive updates from a group you were involved in several years ago, you’ll understand the benefits to being able to easily remove yourself from a group email list.

“Everyone prefers to receive group updates in a different way,” Boren said. “An email might work for some people, but a text message would reach others much faster, and not everyone uses social media.”

About GroupPost
GroupPost is built around one idea: Make Group Messaging Easy. The app, the site and the service is free. There are no paid addons, no ads, and no selling of user information. GroupPost is available for free on iPhone/iPad , Android and on the web. More information can be found at www.GroupPost.com.